March 29, 2023

Anderson County Solicitor’s Office Is So Famous, But Why?

Anderson County Solicitor’s Office Is So Famous, But Why?

The Anderson County Solicitor’s Office is the busiest in the entire state, with more than 300 cases pending each day. And if you live anywhere in its jurisdiction, it’s probably been a while since your last trip to the courthouse. But why? That’s right, their fame is so widespread that Anderson County has become synonymous with bail and criminal law. 

In fact, they were so popular they turned down $600 million from Google in exchange for keeping their name — and lawyers joke that if they sell out to Google now, there won’t be enough money left for lawyers! A lot of this popularity can be attributed to their accessibility: residents can find one-stop shopping at the courthouse on most days of week.

Anderson County Solicitor’s Office Is So Famous, But Why :

1. Homicide Lawyer

A. South Carolina law states that the solicitor is required to represent the State in all criminal prosecutions before any court or tribunal in which the State is interested. Therefore, our office defends and prosecutes any criminal cases for all of Anderson County, including misdemeanor and felony trials, federal felonies and violations of city ordinances.

B. Homicide Lawyer Solicitor Most Homicide Lawyers Are Former Police Officers: In fact, most homicide lawyers are former police officers trained in death investigation, who are capable of handling their own case from start to finish. Our office has made a point of hiring homicide lawyers who are trained by the best federal prosecutors in America.

2. Bankruptcy Lawyer

A. Anderson County Bankruptcy attorney is also a former police officer: A bankruptcy attorney must be a licensed lawyer who has passed the bar and is therefore allowed to represent clients before the court. In addition, our bankruptcy lawyers are highly trained in criminal law, ensuring that they possess the skills required to represent even those accused of the most serious crimes.

3. Criminal Lawyer

A. Anderson County criminal law is one of the busiest in the entire state: The state law requires that the solicitor maintain a prosecutorial process for crimes, and that’s what we do. We represent the State before all courts and tribunals, whether you are accused of a misdemeanor or a felony, as well as investigate any theft and fraud cases.

4. DWI Lawyer

A. Anderson County DWI lawyers are also former police officers: All our DWI lawyers have successfully completed training at the National Highway Safety Agency-National Center for DUI Education (NHTSA-NDLE) , which is designed to protect officers who serve those accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI).

5. Lawyer for Auto Accidents

Anderson County personal injury lawyers handle cases of all kinds and strive to obtain the best possible results for their clients. Our Anderson County auto accident attorneys understand that there are many factors that must be considered when handling a personal injury case, and are always up to date on new laws, information, and legislation that could affect your case. We understand the complexity of Personal Injury lawsuits and will handle your case from beginning to end.

6. Lawyer for Commercial Litigation

A. Anderson County Commercial lawyer is a former police officer: The law requires that the solicitor maintain a prosecutorial process in cases, and we perform that function. We represent the State before all courts, even if you are representing yourself, and we also provide criminal legal representation to companies and corporations. We believe in remaining current on the latest federal laws and statutes.

7. Lawyer for Criminal Defense

A. Anderson County criminal defense lawyer is a former police officer: Our criminal defense lawyers are all former police officers who have served in the military, at the Drug Enforcement Agency and more.

8. Lawyer for Traffic Cases

A. Anderson County traffic lawyer is a former police officer: All of our traffic lawyers are former cops who have served in the military and are trained in investigations and traffic law, ensuring they can handle even the most complex of cases. And we provide personal injury representation as well to those who have been involved in any type of accident or accident-related incident.

9. Lawyer for Workplace Safety & Liability Cases

A. Anderson County workman’s compensation lawyer is a former police officer: Our personal injury lawyers have successfully litigated many types of cases, including those related to falls and slips, unsafe machinery, and construction accidents.

10. Lawyer for Military Service

A. Anderson South Carolina military lawyer is a former police officer: Our military lawyers have served in the National Guard and are highly educated on everything from the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) to Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC).

11. Lawyer for Wrongful Death Cases

A. Anderson South Carolina wrongful death lawyers are former police officers: Our wrongful death lawyers have been involved in hundreds of cases involving the wrongful death of a loved one. In addition, our attorneys have successfully defended clients accused of the most serious crimes.

12. Lawyer for Trucking Accidents

A. Anderson automobile accident lawyer is a former police officer: All of our attorneys handle all types of motor vehicle accidents and injury claims, including trucks and commercial vehicles. We also have extensive experience with multi-car accidents due to intersection negligence or driver error. Our practice, coupled with our network of regional experts ensures that an attorney is always available to assist you with your case.

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