March 29, 2023

Book gives you more information and instructions then the television

Book gives you more information and instructions then the television

In this article, we will teach you how to light a candle correctly.

 If you just lit your candle and the flame is going up too high then this step by step process may help. 

We also have an illustration below to provide a visual guide for those who have never seen someone light a candle before.

This tutorial would give better instructions than if they were watching it on a show or television program. 

It would be more detailed and informative as well because it would be step by step information to follow, 

not just quick images of people doing something at random times with no time reference or explanations whatsoever, 

which can often leave people wondering what happened in between the frames. 

In this article, if you have questions or are still unsure of how to proceed with the next steps,

 feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to give you any further information.

Things You Will Need:


Candle Wicks – EBay (I buy them in bulk)

Paraffin Wax (you can get this at your local pharmacy) “melts wicks” (this is what they call candle wax here in England.

 It is made up of 75% paraffin wax and only 25% beeswax which makes it softer, lighter and less expensive)

 Make sure that the wick on your candle is not broken or damaged in any way.

Beeswax – 

Sunflower oil (this is what they call beeswax over here).

Safety Pins (these are used to build up the wick into a stable and strong structure to keep the candle burning)

 These are sold in packs of 25 on EBay. I buy them in bulk since I do so many of them.


Rubber Bands

Dryer sheets (if you live in a dryer sheet environment then save yourself some money and re-use your dryer sheets)

Step 1 – Preheat the wax: It is important that you preheat your wax at this stage by placing it in the microwave for 10 minutes.

This step is not necessary

  but it does make it a lot easier to work with and prevents your wax from getting too hot, which can be very dangerous.

Step 2 – Cut the wick: Find the end of the wick where it is still intact, usually this is in one of two places.

 It could be a loop or at one end where there are no more “fingers”. Use your scissors to cut this small section off, as close to the bottom as you can get it.

Step 3 – Cut the wax into 10-inch strips: Open the paraffin wax up and use your scissors to cut 10-inch lengths out of it (you will probably only need about 4 pieces for each candle).

Step 4 – Put the wick inside the wax: Now you are going to add the wick into your paraffin candle wax.

 You can do this by gently pushing one end of each piece of wax into the middle where you have cut the wick off 

 then spreading it out with your fingers or a knife if necessary. Put about 3 pieces of wax on top, 

until it is completely covered or almost completely covered by a layer of wax.

Step 5 – Place your safety pins around the wick: If you can’t reach all areas to properly cover the wicks, then use safety pins to get all of it covered.

Step 6 – A quick test: To check whether the wick is in the wax enough, put a small amount of wax on the wick and then touch it to see if anything falls off. 

If so then it’s not pushed in enough. If there is no wax falling off, then you are good to go. 

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Step 7 – Keep adding more wax: Repeat steps 2-6 until all of the candle has been covered.

Step 8 – Close your candle up: You are now ready to close up your candle and keep it warm until you want to use it. 

To do this, simply pull the wick up through the middle.

Step 9 – Make a nice pile: Once you have it out of the wax, fold the edges of the candle in like a cone and then begin to make it into a flat pile. 

You can do this by gently folding each one over (like an arrow) and pushing it into itself.

Step 10 – Keep making your pile: Continue to push each edge in until they are all folded inwards and touching each other. 

You should now have something that looks like a small cone or tent shape with the wick pointing up towards you.

Step 11 – Stir everything up: I like to place the whole thing on a sheet of baking paper 

 then use my hands to continue pushing these two layers together. This can be difficult if you are using beeswax on some candles,

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