Funny challenges on tiktok and other social media pages

If you’ve gotten inundated with posts of people trying to do stunts on TikTok, then you’re not alone.  The app, which is becoming more popular by the minute, has really taken off in recent weeks among teens and young adults.  The account “TikTok-erin1414”

Story of Faraway Place where Things are Kept

This post tells the story of a place where things are kept and how people living there come to know and care for one another.  It is about light and dark, mountains, rivers, stars and sun. It’s about love and life.  Within these

Mission to hunt and kill Dribbles in borderlands 2

When you’re playing a game like Borderlands 2,  you will often find yourself in situations where the world’s most powerful sniper rifle is not going to be your best option.  For these times, you will need a trusty shotgun and a bunch of

List of farm name generator

The List of farm name generator is a tool which will automatically generate unique names for farm plots using various techniques. Because of the unique system, it may take some time to generate the desired name. However,  once it’s done, you can then

Funny and clever stardew valley farm names

Do you play Stardew Valley? If so, this list of funny and clever farm names should inspire some  great memories. If not, don’t worry. It’s a fun little farming simulation game that’s lighthearted  and easily accessible to anyone who enjoys the simple life

Luxo Jr., the mascot for Pixar Animation Studios

Luxo Jr. is the mascot for Pixar Animation Studios, which you have probably heard of before.  Luxo Jr. typically appears alongside another Pixar protagonist, Luxo Sr., its larger counterpart.  The small Luxo lamp has become an iconic image in computing and animation since

Most Common Traffic Violations for New Drivers

If you’re about to get your license, make sure you know what the most common traffic violations are for new drivers.  The first time you break any of these rules, it’s no big deal. But if you end up doing it enough times, 

“I will gladly show my tax returns” Donald Trump

If you’re an American, odds are you’ve heard the news that presidential candidate Donald Trump has refused to show his tax returns to the American people.  This refusal comes despite precedent from other recent presidents and a petition from over 200,000 Americans who

How secret stash works on refillable potions?

When you use these secret stash vials to make your potions, they last a lot longer than normal potions.  You have the option to choose how long your potion will last for, ranging from 2 hours to 3 months!  This can be a

History of 90s Grunge makeup

Some people find it fun to dabble into old fashion trends. If you are one of them, this is the blog  post for you! We are going to take a stroll down memory lane with some 90s grunge makeup. As  time has passed