Relationship Specialist: Expectations vs. Reality

Every relationship, whether it’s a father and daughter or a couple of friends, has a set of expectations laid down. These expectations are usually in place for good reasons, like providing security and enforcing boundaries. But as soon as these expectations start to

10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Preschool Stress

Even if a person has never set foot in a preschool classroom or most teacher-directed preschool programs stress, they still have opinions. They may not know the first thing about teaching three-year-olds to put their shoes on or how to work with a

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In the latest Captain America movie, Civil War, we see a new side of Steve Rodgers. He becomes much more violent and begins to lose his way. Could this be because his father is not there? Or could it be because he lost

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Top 10 Diamond Babies to Follow on Social Media

Diamond Babies are here to brighten your day and bring you joy! They might be squishier than their siblings, but they’re also much cuter and more fun and you can find out on diamond_babies19 twitter. Here are the top 10 Diamond Babies to