March 29, 2023

Cleanse your malz ult

Cleanse your malz ult

Zilean is an aoe mage in a hyper-fragile team comp. 

He also has a long cooldown on his only healing ability, Rewind. If you’re against Zilean, this is the exact moment when your teammate needs to cleanse malz ult.”

Malzahar’s ultimate ability is an area of effect skill shot that does alot of damage and leaves behind a massive amount of “Voidlings”. 

In 5v5s these can be incredibly disruptive to your team comp if they don’t get cleaned up quickly.

Additionally, if your team is chasing and the enemy team has a Zilean this area of effect ability can completely change the outcome of a fight. 

If you’re not using  cleanse malz ult, you’re wasting your Cleanse and likely need to build more survivability into your build.

Malzahar ultimate is often used as an attempt to assassinate or remove a high value target (ie; currys). 

If these Voidlings are allowed to live they will continue to auto-attack their target unless they are attacked by another unit.

In a calculated fight, you can use Cleanse to stop these from auto-attacking your target, allowing your team to focus on the enemy team.

 You can also use Cleanse to remove Malzahar’s ultimate from the battle if it’s not being used to assassinate a key target.

Zilean is strong against champions who rely on their ultimates and champions who suffer from crowd control (CC). 

That said, Zilean should be banned if he is often played and his purpose is simply to take down one of the supporters or assassins in your team.

 If you don’t take care of zilean, he takes away that role from another player in your team.

How to cleanse malz ult :

1. When Malzahar casts his ultimate, he is briefly invulnerable. During this time the only way to stop his ultimate is to cancel it with CC or kill him.

2. While he is casting his ultimate, you can cleanse the ult part of it. This will save your entire team from all of the voidlings that are about to spawn.”

There are two parts of Malzahar’s Ultimate that you need to cleanse separately.

 To avoid confusing new players on this matter I’ll use some very detailed drawings that illustrate how it works, and these images link to larger, more legible ones.

3. With your cleanse you need to cancel the initial part of the ult that makes him invulnerable. 

Zil is so squishy you need to do this or he can simply ult and run away during the invincibility and eat your team alive with voidlings.

4. Once his invulnerability is over and he has started casting his ultimate, you then use your cleanse to get rid of the initial wave of Voidlings that spawn.

 To do this simply aim at him while he’s casting his ultimate, then when you see the wave start spawning cast it on him.

 Here are some images that illustrate when in his channeling animation it will be safe for you to cleanse either part of the ult.

5. If you fail to cleanse both parts of the ultimate, your team will still be in a fight long after the Voidlings have been killed.

 It is very important to get rid of both parts of this ability within one second, so if you can’t take out the initial wave of Voidlings while Zil is casting his ultimate, take him down before he gets to it.”

How to counter zilean ult :

Cleanse Malzahar Ult Combos:

1. This is the most important one. If you cleanse the initial part of the ult you remove Zil’s invulnerability and your team can kill him while he is vulnerable.

 This also removes his escape, since you get rid of his invulnerability, so he can’t just ult away to win if hes in danger.

2. You can cast cleanse on him while his ultimate is on another player, which will still get rid of its effect on that player even though cleanse didn’t directly target it.

3. If your tank is chasing Zil you can cast it on him to stop his ultimate from doing damage to your team.

 This is useful for champions like Janna or Leona who have AOE CC and will often be ulting the tank or someone with a lot of health. 

You can also do this on a carry that he tries to ult but misses.

4. If someone else has cleanse, you can use yours as a secondary cleanse on another player in your team who has one as well. 

This will double the amount of cc that zil has to face before he can ult somebody, giving you more time to kill him.

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