June 24, 2024

How Can You Fix Common Outlook Problems?

How Can You Fix Common Outlook Problems?

It doesn’t matter how great add-ins you use for your MS Outlook, there will always be occasional issues related to MS Outlook that might not go away. Sometimes, the MS Outlook problems aren’t even associated with the add-ins. Even though you can find various articles on the internet that will fix MS Outlook problems, sometimes the suggestions won’t work no matter how hard you try. This is why we have created the best list of general things that will undoubtedly help you solve the MS Outlook problems. Continue reading the article to the end to know the most effective ways to solve MS Outlook problems. 

Start Your MS Outlook Application in Safe-Mode 

Do you know that you can launch your MS Outlook application with no add-ins? This is known as “SafeMode”. You can launch your MS Outlook application in safe mode that will turn all the add-ins off. 

If your MS Outlook application starts behaving properly in the Safe Mode, then you should start uninstalling the unnecessary plug-ins. However, make sure you uninstall them one by one. Uninstalling multiple plug-ins at one time might cause your system to crash. To uninstall the plug-ins, go to the Control Panel of your computer and then remove them one by one. 

If you think that a particular plug-in is causing MS Outlook problems, you need to reinstall the plug-in in a different order. But if you need a quick solution to fix your MS Outlook problems, make sure you use the best outlook repair tool

Run Recovery Assistant and Microsoft Support 

Microsoft developers provide an effective tool that will automatically scan and correct all the essential aspects of MS Office when things turn in an unexpected direction. You can read about this process on the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant page so that you don’t make mistakes while doing this on your own. The recovery assistant of Microsoft can automatically diagnose the issues, fix problems, and troubleshoot all the issues related to MS Outlook. However, sometimes the recovery assistant of Microsoft fails to solve the problem. In such a situation, you need to use a third-party recovery tool. 

Launch the Inbox Repair Tool 

The ScanPST.exe or Inbox Repair Tool works effectively on both the OST data files or Outlook Offline Storage data files and PST data files or the Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders File. When you install MS Outlook on your computer, the ScanPST file will also be installed automatically. However, finding the ScanPST tool is not an easy task. Most of the time, you can find the ScanPST file within LocaleID, which works as the local identifier during the installation process of the Microsoft Office. Consider restarting your MS Outlook application and duplicating the problems. As per Veritas, you need to run ScanPST tool multiple items until the error count is zero.

Repair Office 

This is one of the most effective ways to solve problems associated with MS Outlook. Sometimes, the MS Office itself is the primary cause of the MS Outlook problem. In this is the case, you need to repair your MS Office properly so that you can prevent the problems from bringing severe consequences to your data files. 

To repair MS Office, open Control Panel and find MS Office in the list. After that, click on the option Change to apply changes to your MS Office. 

Remove Outlook from Your Startup Folder 

This point might not seem an eye-catching one, but sometimes the existence of your MS Outlook application in the startup is one of the most common causes of MS Outlook problems such as PST file corruption. If you happen to have MS Outlook in your startup folder, make sure you remove the shortcut. After that, restart your MS Outlook application and consider reproducing the problem. If nothing happens, then you’re good to go. 

You also need to stop performing receive or send actions while exiting the MS Outlook application. In MS Outlook, go to file>options>advanced. After that, click on the send/receive option and highlight the option “All Accounts”. Consider unchecking the boxes that say ‘Perform an Automatic Send/Receive When Exiting’. After unchecking, restart your MS Outlook application and duplicate the problem. 

Update all the Add-Ins 

At the beginning of the article, we said that you need to uninstall the defective plus-ins so that you can prevent the MS Outlook from any type of damage. However, before you start removing the plug-ins, consider updating all of them. Make sure you update all the add-ins one by one so that they don’t create any unnecessary problems. Updating the plus-ins might solve your problem, especially if the MS Outlook problems started causing them on their own. 

Additionally, if you have another machine, you can also try to duplicate the MS Outlook problem on that system. However, make sure the hardware or software configuration is as close as possible to the affected machine. Identify the patterns that will help you diagnose the root of the problem. 


This is how you can fix the common Outlook problems. If you have any other problems, make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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