May 30, 2024

How to Evolve Chansey: A Comprehensive Guide

Chansey is a beloved Pokémon known for its nurturing nature and exceptional healing abilities. Evolving Chansey into its final form, Blissey, can greatly enhance its stats and make it an even more formidable opponent in battles. In this article, we will explore the various methods and strategies to evolve Chansey, providing valuable insights and tips for Pokémon trainers. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, this guide will help you unlock the full potential of Chansey.

Understanding Chansey’s Evolutionary Line

Before diving into the evolution process, let’s take a closer look at Chansey’s evolutionary line. Chansey is the pre-evolved form of Blissey, which means that evolving Chansey is a crucial step towards obtaining the powerful Blissey. Chansey evolves into Blissey when certain conditions are met, which we will discuss in detail later in this article.

Chansey’s Base Stats

Chansey possesses impressive base stats, particularly in terms of its HP and Special Defense. Here are Chansey’s base stats:

  • HP: 250
  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 5
  • Special Attack: 35
  • Special Defense: 105
  • Speed: 50

As you can see, Chansey’s HP and Special Defense are its standout stats, making it an excellent choice for a defensive Pokémon. However, evolving Chansey into Blissey will further enhance its stats, making it an even more formidable opponent.

Evolving Chansey into Blissey

Now that we understand the importance of evolving Chansey, let’s explore the different methods to evolve it into Blissey.

Method 1: Leveling Up with High Friendship

The most common method to evolve Chansey into Blissey is by leveling it up with high friendship. Friendship is a hidden value that measures the bond between a trainer and their Pokémon. To increase friendship, you can engage in various activities with Chansey, such as:

  • Battling together
  • Using healing items on Chansey
  • Walking a certain number of steps with Chansey in your party
  • Feeding it berries or other favorite treats

Once Chansey’s friendship reaches a high enough level, it will evolve into Blissey upon leveling up. The exact friendship level required may vary depending on the Pokémon game version, but it is typically around 220-250 friendship points.

Method 2: Using an Evolutionary Stone

In some Pokémon games, an alternative method to evolve Chansey into Blissey is by using an evolutionary stone called the “Oval Stone.” The Oval Stone is a special item that triggers the evolution of certain Pokémon when held during a level-up. To evolve Chansey using an Oval Stone, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain an Oval Stone from a specific location or by other means, depending on the game version.
  2. Give the Oval Stone to Chansey to hold.
  3. Level up Chansey while it is holding the Oval Stone.

Upon leveling up, Chansey will evolve into Blissey. It’s important to note that not all Pokémon games feature the Oval Stone, so make sure to check if this method is available in your specific game version.

Method 3: Trading Chansey

In certain Pokémon games, another method to evolve Chansey into Blissey is by trading it with another player. This method requires you to find a willing trading partner who is willing to trade Chansey back to you after it evolves. Here’s how you can evolve Chansey through trading:

  1. Find a trading partner who is willing to help you evolve your Chansey.
  2. Initiate a trade with your trading partner and offer your Chansey.
  3. Once the trade is complete, Chansey will evolve into Blissey on your trading partner’s game.
  4. Ask your trading partner to trade Blissey back to you.

Trading Chansey is a great option if you have a trusted friend or fellow Pokémon trainer who can assist you in evolving your Chansey. However, keep in mind that this method requires coordination and trust between both parties involved.

Tips for Evolving Chansey

Now that you know the different methods to evolve Chansey into Blissey, here are some additional tips to help you along the way:

  • Carry Chansey in your party and let it participate in battles to gain experience points and level up faster.
  • Use healing items on Chansey during battles to increase its friendship level.
  • Take advantage of in-game events or features that boost friendship, such as Pokémon-Amie or Poké Pelago.
  • Interact with Chansey regularly outside of battles by petting, playing, or feeding it in games that offer these features.
  • Consider using vitamins or EV-enhancing items to further boost Chansey’s stats before evolving it into Blissey.

By following these tips, you can expedite the evolution process and ensure that your Chansey evolves into Blissey as quickly as possible.


Evolving Chansey into Blissey is a rewarding experience that unlocks the full potential of this nurturing Pokémon. Whether you choose to increase its friendship, use an evolutionary stone, or trade it with a friend, evolving Chansey will greatly enhance its stats and make it an even more formidable opponent in battles. Remember to engage in activities that increase friendship, carry Chansey in your party, and take advantage of in-game features to expedite the evolution process. With these strategies and tips in mind, you’ll soon have a powerful Blissey by your side.


1. Can I evolve Chansey into Blissey in all Pokémon games?

No, the methods and requirements for evolving Chansey into Blissey may vary depending on the Pokémon game version. It’s important to check the specific requirements for your game version.

2. How can I check Chansey’s friendship level?

In most Pokémon games, you can check a Pokémon’s friendship level by visiting certain NPCs, such as the Friendship Checker in Eterna City or the Friendship Rater in Sunyshore City. These NPCs will provide you with information about your

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