April 19, 2024

Mission to hunt and kill Dribbles in borderlands 2

Mission to hunt and kill Dribbles in borderlands 2

When you’re playing a game like Borderlands 2, 

you will often find yourself in situations where the world’s most powerful sniper rifle is not going to be your best option. 

For these times, you will need a trusty shotgun and a bunch of luck to take down monsters

 that are fast and capable of taking out your whole team with one swipe.

A mission that has been frustrating players for years is Dribbles:

 the fourth boss in the original Borderlands where he spawns from the floor as droplets of water before growing into his full form. 

Players have been trying to hunt him down for years but there is no way to kill him; if he takes your shots before they land, nothing happens.

The only real solution is to run through to the other side of the room and hide on a platform as he jumps around. 

Then you have to wait for him to die of old age because no one has ever managed to land more than one shot before he appears, if they can even manage that.

As you can see, it’s not a very fun experience at all – and the last thing anyone wants is another boring, repetitive boss fight in Borderlands 2. 

So Gearbox recently made the decision to actually kill him off and remove the mission entirely,

 which means that things will be a whole lot easier when Borderlands 2 is released later this month.

The only downside is that this means that anyone who was still holding out hope of eventually killing Dribbles can finally accept that it’s never going to happen. 

This includes Gearbox President Randy Pitchford, who revealed in an interview with Game Informer

 that he has never been able to land a killing shot before Dribbles goes into his invulnerable stage.

It’s a shame, 

but it seems that no one has ever found a way to get past the boss fight and actually kill the monster.

 It must be pretty disappointing for those who spent ages trying to figure out a way to defeat him,

 although Gearbox have made up for this by increasing his droplet phase time and adding an achievement that is awarded for killing him in this way.

So it’s not all bad news; at least it looks like he will finally make his last stand at some point while Borderlands 2 is going to be out soon 

– and we can all look forward to enjoying the pseudo-sequel instead of being frustrated with grindy boss fights.

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 MADMAN 903’s Borderlands 2 PS3/PC Co-op content guide 

  This is the latest version of my Borderlands 2 co-op content guide . For more details about how it works, see Part I: Content for series 1 and Part II: Content for series 2 of this guide . 

 I will continue to edit it as more information becomes available. Note: For PS3 players, you may use this guide along with my Miss Moxxi DLC .

 However, there is no actual requirement for you to do so.   borderlands 2 follow the glow

For PC players, your ultimate goal should be to have 99 of each type of weapon, 3 Torgue vending machines and 2 Athena guns (with all blue rarity upgrades)

 if you want the “Challenge Accepted” achievement . You may also wish to have a Siren with at least 5 Eridian weapons for the “Your World is about to end” achievement .

A large content update has been released for Borderlands 2 (on both PS3 and PC). 

 The update will require you to re-download the entire game, even if you have installed the Season Pass.  You can now proceed to kill Dribbles .

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 The latest patch has removed ALL pre-order bonus skins from the game.

 If you do not have them already, they can no longer be obtained.

To check your social challenges , bring up your character menu by pressing SELECT on your controller.

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