What’s the Biggest Celebrity Blog Site?

The biggest celebrity blog sites is Perez Hilton, which has a total of 4.5 million page views per month. Situated in Hollywood, this gossip blogger is best known for his ability to identify the latest celebrity trend before anyone else.

Perez Hilton’s website not only features trending gossip about our favorite stars but also allows readers to explore their own interests with content from other bloggers on the site. In 2007, the site added a blog category where users can log in and post their own blog posts. The most popular blogs on Perez Hilton are run by various celebrities, including Britney Spears.

Perez Hilton’s celebrity blogger David Gest is more known for his controversial actions and comments that are often directed at other stars than for his writing ability. In September 2008, Gest was fired from his own blog after setting up a poll to ask if actress Demi Moore or ex-husband Bruce Willis should be granted custody of their daughter, Tallulah Belle. The poll ranked the pair head-to-head and Willis came out on top with 66% of the vote. When the voting ended, the blog was shut down completely.

The top music blogger on Perez Hilton is Kevin Lyman who hails from Minnesota. His site had around 700,000 page views in 2008. Randy Jackson tops the food blog chart with his popular Meat Lovers Guide To Life which received around 1 million page views in 2008.

Going international, Perez Hilton’s Spanish site receives 140,000 unique visitors per month and has an Alexa rank of 2,029 in Spain. The most popular blogs in this language are run by various celebrities including actors Mario Casas and Enrique Iglesias.

The most popular celebrity blog on the Portuguese site is run by actress Izabel Goulart. It received an Alexa rank of 2,937 in 2008.

In terms of total blogger rank, Perez Hilton is the 5th most popular site of its type. The site was also voted Blog Of The Year in 2007 in the Bloggies Awards & Honors Competition and was also ranked best new blog by Entertainment Weekly .

The Hollywood Reporter has ranked Perez Hilton as the best celebrity blog in the world.

On July 30, 2008, Perez Hilton became Editor-in-Chief of the site until his contract was terminated on October 31, 2008. On November 7, 2008, it was revealed that a group of bloggers had been hired to work on the site as editorial staff directly from for a period up to January 27, 2009. 

On November 21, 2008 Perez wrote that he was looking for a new position within 24 hours and then would be leaving Los Angeles for Los Angeles. He also confirmed his intention of relaunching his own blog in early 2009 with new talent and a new direction. On January 26, 2009, Perez Hilton announced that he would be relaunching his blog as “The World’s Best” on March 1. On March 8, 2009 the new blog launched at

On July 5, 2009 Hilton supplanted the big celebrity blogs like PerezHilton and Just Jared by launching a personal website which is more than just a blog with up to date news and gossip on the past and present celebrities from all over the world.