Nothing to Cry About: Celebrity Life

These days, it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about the lives of famous people. Their intrigues and tribulations are constantly dominating headlines and the evening news. But what if you took a step back from all that drama? What would it be like to live life as a celebrity? Take a look at Pyvows for more related information.

In this post, I’m going to dispel the ludicrous notion that being a celebrity is anything but glamorous. After explaining what it means to be famous in our society, I’ll discuss how celebrities are burdened with intense scrutiny and expectations which take their toll on their mental health.

The Basics

There is no secret language or strange Occult rites you have to go through in order to be a celebrity, which is why people initially lose perspective. All it takes is for the average person to know someone who has been a celebrity, or for her to read about it on the internet and think “Wow. That must be so hard” and they’ll think it’s just a big freakin’ deal. But after all, everything about being rich and famous is weird, isn’t it? Once you start thinking like that, you’ll find yourself entangled in a whole lot of unhealthy thoughts.

A majority of the population won’t ever meet a real celebrity and, because it’s not something available to them, they assume it’s something special. So you know how people like to treat you differently when they find out you’re “special”? The same happens to celebrities. Suddenly, they’re surrounded by strangers who act like they know them personally. It’s a little creepy.

But being famous isn’t as easy as people think it is, because beyond the selective depiction of their fame in magazines and tabloids, is an entire world full of stress and personal doubts. There are few things more American than celebrity culture, and that’s because it’s the ultimate cultivation of the self. Celebrities have their own personal website, Twitter handle, and publicist. They have to weigh in on current events. They can’t just act one way and expect everyone to simply accept what they’re saying.

The stress of being a celebrity is no different than anyone else’s it’s only worse because there are a ton of people wondering when you’ll snap and go insane but it does result in an exaggerated reaction from other people which can make them (and the rest of us) feel like we’re not quite living up to our expectations for ourselves. In reality, though, celebrities are only human.

How To Be Famous

At the end of the day, celebrities are people. Usually, they have to suffer the same stresses and disappointments that you do: an uninspiring job; a relationship that’s getting worse; being stuck in traffic one too many times; looking at your list of chores and seeing “Blah.” Their lives are just not as glamorous as they sometimes seem to be because most of us don’t have $100 million and years of experience with which to live. For instance, instead of being famous for their novels or music, celebrity authors play off their new celebrity status and sell books based on what readers already know about them, it’s called marketing.