Scandalous blog: Take a look at the latest gossip

It should really come as no surprise that most celebrities have scandalous lives. However, it’s hard to keep track of their shady endeavors given that even the celebs themselves can’t keep up with their own drama. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the latest scandal blog and controversies for your viewing pleasure.

For those unaware of recent events, Beyoncé is pregnant! She is not releasing any more albums because she wants to go on hiatus and devote time to being a mother. However, she is still very much involved in Hollywood. She has been seen hanging out with Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna after a trip to Hawaii where she went with her besties. While this might be surprising for some given the time of year, it’s not surprising at all that she has been doing these activities instead of promoting her new album. She probably already knew that the album wouldn’t do well because everyone knows that being pregnant is bad for your body and mind, however it is good for getting attention when you’re promoting your album. People were shocked by this news because Beyoncé has always worn a veil to hide her pregnancy from paparazzi and fans. It’s safe to say that she has no shame about hiding it.

When you’re a celebrity, it’s not hard to be able to travel the world. However, it is a lot harder when you’re pregnant. Miley Cyrus has been travelling all over the world while pregnant, but many people are questioning her actions. She recently went to Australia to attend the 2013 MTV Australia and New Zealand Music Awards Ceremony and had plenty of close encounters with fans as well as paparazzi. Luckily, she was able to get out of dodge before any scandalous situations occurred.

Many people don’t know this but Taylor Swift’s new album is being released on her birthday in order to make sure that her fans have something special in their lives on this day every year. This is why she won’t be doing anything special on her birthday like most celebrities do. Instead, she will be performing at the Grammys and spending time with her friends and family. This is perfect for the simple country singer because it’s not every day that you become a worldwide superstar. However, this isn’t what she wanted from her birthday party! It has been reported that Taylor Swift invited a lot of her famous friends to join in on the celebration but only one friend showed up, Lorde. She was even told to “dress up” for the occasion but Taylor Swift ended up wearing her pajamas instead!

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves showing off just about everything in life – including her body and face. She has been keeping up with this trend while pregnant. She has been wearing more dark clothes except when she decides to wear a bathing suit, which is obviously happening often. In addition, she has been posting videos of herself on Snapchat while out and about in Paris and Cannes. These videos have been leaked to the public and it’s very clear that Kim Kardashian doesn’t spend too much time thinking about privacy.