Fame: What Is It Good For?

You’ve heard it again and again: “It’s not about the money, it’s about the fame.” But just what is fame good for? This article will explore the true nature of fame, including how to get it, and what it really means. More related information can be found in Pyvows. Begin with a journey to one of the most famous places in America: Hollywood.

You know when you’re doing something great at work or have accomplished some goal and all your Facebook friends are like “awesome job!” or “good job!”? Somehow that feels way more rewarding than a cash bonus from your boss. That’s because we gauge our self-worth by how many likes your status gets on social media. That’s right. No one cares if you write an article, shoot a movie, or create some new invention. We only really care if other people like it.

You can become famous for just about anything as long as you make the right connections and interact with the right people and then cross your fingers and hope that they have a lot of followers on Twitter or Instagram. Sometimes you need to use other things like money or drugs (more on that later) to get where you want to be, but it’s never too late if you have the drive to make something happen. And so what is fame good for? 

Well, there are many advantages of being famous:

  • You get invited to exclusive parties with famous people.
  • People will try to do favors for you.
  • You can get away with almost anything.
  • People will pay money to spend time with you, even if it’s just for a few minutes of being associated with you. (I’ll give you an example of that later.)
  • You can get into exclusive clubs and bars.
  • You can demand special treatment from people and they’ll usually give it to you unless they have a reason not to (more on that later).

So how do you get fame? 

You have to start off small, just like anything else in life. I guarantee that if you’re smart and market yourself well, you’ll get bigger and better as you continue on your career path. The best way to get fame is to do something that is of interest to a lot of people. Then, somehow make the connection to a person who can make you famous.

You want to be famous? 

Start with one of the most famous places in America: Hollywood. Take an old movie set and turn it into a club, nightclub, or hotel (or all three). Or start a band with some friends and show people the difference between your band’s music and another band’s music. If that doesn’t work then fight for equal rights in school or even go out into politics. Any of these things are good enough to get people talking about you, but remember that you need to be persistent. Once people begin to like you, they will sometimes start posting about you on their social media profiles. Make sure to take advantage of this and go to any parties or events that people are attending.

Here’s a huge tip: if someone has posted something about you, ask them if they’d be willing to introduce you. They usually have a lot of pride in their accomplishments on social media and they don’t mind introducing someone else who has been successful as well.