12 True Stories That Will Make You Laugh

We all love to laugh, but sometimes it’s hard not to feel like we’re the only ones experiencing the weird and wonderful things that happen in life. Well, fortunately these 12 true stories will help make you feel better about your own little quirks and oddities. Come inside to read them all in Pyvows!

1) A woman walked into a hair salon with her dog sitting on a leash in front of her, only for the leash to break and beard minions everywhere!

2) One woman let me know she is allergic to Christmas trees by handing me a baggie containing clean underwear as she entered my office on December 24th. She asked me if I could hold it for her. Sure!

3) A man was playing naked frisbee in the street on Sunday night at 8:30 pm.

4) A woman was talking into the rear-view mirror in her car while driving down the road. She was so close to it that she almost drove into a telephone pole. And she did not notice what she did until I pointed it out to her! Crazy, right?!

5) There was a man who entered my office and asked me where he should go to have his “pee pee” examined for cancer.

6) Someone attempted to pop a pimple on a pregnant lady’s belly and caused her water to break!

7) I know someone who talked to herself for twenty minutes straight while she was driving down the road. She didn’t realize what she was doing until she got a phone call from her husband!

8) A man walked into my office and asked me what time it was. When I told him, he promptly took off his shoe. He then proceeded to pound his foot on the floor and yelled, “Beat that!” at me. I responded, “That would be hard to do.” He then left my office.

9) A woman told me she heard a voice from above her telling her that she needed to go to the grocery store before she went home. That is why she was in my office calling for an appointment! She felt compelled by the voice to drive to the grocery store. I guess it was a pep talk from God or something? She said God told her that her husband was running late and that she needed to get going. To me, it sounds like something else might be going on here.

10) A woman came into my office talking about how she wanted to get a tattoo on her neck, and that it was the thing that she had always wanted. She told me that she was planning on getting a tattoo of her mom’s face on her neck. I asked her if she even knew what her mom’s face looked like, and she replied “Yes, I do. It’s right here on my neck.” She pulled down the collar of her shirt to show me the tattoo.

11) A woman was found on the side of the road unconscious and with a car in the pond near her. She had been driving, got dizzy, veered off the road and into a pond. Luckily, she was pulled out by some strangers before her car sank too deep. When she was later asked about it (and told that her car was underwater), she replied “There’s no way that happened because I’m not stupid! That didn’t happen!”

12) A woman walked into my office stating that “it” made her do it. She then started to take off her shirt so I could check it out. She said that it had been doing this to her for years, and that she was going to get rid of it so the “it” would leave her alone. When I asked what it looked like, she said “It’s shaped like a fireman.” I asked if that was the only thing it did, and she replied “Yes.” I told her that we should probably go ahead and get rid of whatever was bothering her, she thought I meant the fireman, so she started to take off her pants and I had to clarify that something else was bothering her. A little embarrassing, but you never know what people are going to do!

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