12 Blogging Ideas for Fitness Centers

If your fitness center is looking for ways to increase their blog subscribers, these 12 fitness blog post ideas will help! These 12 blogging tips are perfect for fitness centers that want to grow their online presence and boost the number of people who visit. Fitness centers can find success in blogging by following 12 simple steps outlined below:

1) Create a blog with posts relevant to your business’s niche

2) Provide fresh content on a regular basis

3) Promote your blog posts through social media channels

4) Share other blogs’ popular posts on your site

5) Include images and videos in every post you publish

6) Publish new content at least twice per week (more if possible)

7) Use blog comments to foster engagement and discussion

8) Share your posts on other social media channels.

9) Strategically use content upgrades as incentives for readers to sign up for email notifications from you.

10) If you have a blog, create group pages with other fitness centers

11) Use StumbleUpon to share your posts

12) Create an email list for readers who want updates from you.

  • Create a blog with posts relevant to your business’s niche (step one)
  • Provide fresh content on a regular basis (step two). This includes publishing new content at least twice per week if possible and also including images in every post published. 
  • It can be helpful to create group pages where other local businesses share their information as well or offer incentives like email subscriptions when readers sign up and subscribe via social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Promote the blog through social media channels by sharing it across different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
  • Use content upgrades as incentives for readers to sign up for email notifications from you (step nine)
  • At the end of each post, include a call to action and ask readers to subscribe or sign up for your newsletter.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t grow an online following if no one is reading what you’ve written! That’s why it’s crucial not only that you write compelling content but also promote it on social media and share other blogs’ popular posts with yours. Be sure that when writing blog posts, every sentence has a purpose; don’t just add any old thing because it sounds good, include relevant facts, stats, quotes from fitness experts and so on. A great way to do this might be by including charts or infographics in your posts.

Build a Community:

Make it your goal to build an online community of like minded people who are interested in fitness, healthy living and/or general topics that you cover on the blog. The more members there are, the better! If they’re not active or participate as much as you think they should be, invite them out to coffee with you at your local cafe then ask them why they stopped participating? What can we do differently here? Sometimes all it takes is getting their face and name time together offline which makes a world of difference when you’re trying to connect and build deeper relationships.

Share Your Diet:

Prove that dieting is not one-size fits all by sharing your own personal food plan with the world! Post a detailed weekly meal breakdown, including what foods you eat for each breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus include pictures of ample portions so readers know how much they should be eating too! If you are vegan, gluten free or have allergies share your tips on how others can adopt this lifestyle too without feeling deprived!