Stoner Style brand for trendy boys

Stoner style is a type of hip clothing that has been worn by young men for many years now.  A stoner style shirt has a dark-colored shirt with a white stoner style cuff.  It is a shirt that has no shirt collar. The

High fashion for the post-youth stoner

I live in a world of high fashion and the post-youth stoner.  I’m not a hip-hop fan, but I do love the classic rock-ish music that is played in bars. Rock-and-roll, of course. The fact is, I’m really not a hip-hop fan.  I’m

Clothing Brand Name Generator and fashion ideas

The Clothing Brand Name Generator is a free online tool that  lets you create your own unique brand name and create an online fashion style magazine.  I have to admit that I have probably created a new fashion style magazine every time I

Use fashion To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

It’s important to remember that fashion doesn’t have to be boring. It’s about dressing people up to make them feel special.  Not that I’m saying that’s what we should do in our day to day lives, but if you’re going to do something

15 Things That Happen When You Are In Fashion.

Truly living in fashion is to embody personal style. There are so many ways you can express your unique personality through clothes, jewelry, shoes, scarves. The list goes on. But being fashionable doesn’t just mean looking good in clothes. Believe it or

Hyaluronic acid – why do you want this in your cosmetics

Hyaluronic acid is an essential building block of skin.  It’s what makes up the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that keeps the skin hydrated.  It also holds onto water like a sponge, which prevents water loss and dehydration.  When hyaluronic acid is deficient,

10 Secrets About Fashion That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years.

Clothes may not be the most important part of a person’s outfit, but they say a lot about a person’s style and taste.  You also never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities will come your way   people want to dress well for