Five Realizations You Have When You Move To London.

Many Americans go abroad to live in great cities that offer an unparalleled experience.  London, in particular, provides visitors with a mind-blowing array of activities and foods to enjoy.  However, it’s not always easy to get adjusted when moving such a culture shock. 

7 Amazing Places To Visit When You’re In London.

London is a city of ideas, culture, and endless creativity.  So when you’re in London, don’t expect to see the same sights every day!  Here are 7 amazing places to visit when you’re in London.  Millenium Bridge   This stone-arch bridge was designed by

Seven Common Myths About London.

London is a confusing and large city, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of misconceptions floating around about it.  But as a true Londoner, I’ve realized there are certain things  I have to set straight for those who don’t know any