9 Movies About Travel to Watch When You’re Bored at Home

If you’re bored and looking for something to do on Netflix, a thrilling movie is just what you need. There are so many good movies about travel out there, but which ones should you watch? Let’s look at the nine best – and

Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies

Can you define sci-fi and fantasy? Sci-Fi often entails the use of science to solve problems. Where as Fantasy is, well, anything goes.  But a bit of an under-classing has occurred and it seems that both genres have been suffering. They are too

Worldwide Highest crossing Movies

There are so many films across the world that we can’t possibly get through them all  so there is no way to put the number of movies we’ve seen onto the same level.  But we can get you to your knees and start

15 Movies About Sports to Watch When You’re Bored at Home

The following 15 movies would be excellent for a home theater that only allows a few people to watch movies at a time. In the world of movies, we can’t all be watching a movie from the 1980s,  but there are a few