8 Politics Stories Worth Reading Right Now

This is the third of four articles on 8 political stories that I’ve written on our website. The first two articles discussed the 2008 election and how candidates and campaigns are affected by what’s happening in the world.  This one dives into the

Why You Should Be Worried About the Future of Politics

If you’re like me, you’re probably hoping the 2016 presidential election will be a referendum on Trump.  The good news is that Trump is a buffoon. If you want to know the real reasons for his election I’m here to help you. When

What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Politics

Kicking off the 2018 United States midterm elections, President Trump proposed a basic tariff on  Mexico to raise revenue for building the border wall. This proposal not only has now been  slammed by Democrats, but it has also now made its way into

Roles and responsibilities of Mayor in lannach

The mayor of lannach has the following responsibilities: -Representing the town to members of parliament, national organisations and other towns.  -Managing streets and building maintenance.  -Promoting employment within the town.  -Dealing with concerns from citizens about various issues across wider society.  -Focusing on

What are the powers of a mayor ?

Who is a Mayor ? A mayor is a professional politician who governs a large city like the mayor of lannach. One of their primary duties is to oversee and coordinate the activities of the municipal staff and executive government and ensure that

Conquer Your Fear of Politics in 3 Simple Steps

What is politics? It’s also about voting on which leaders are allowed to do what.  But despite being so important, it can be hard for us as individuals to understand the consequences of our actions in this complicated world where people disagree so

Donald trump if i win i will show my tax returns

“Donald trump if i win the election “i will gladly show my tax returns” Donald Trump has said he will only show off his tax returns once an audit is complete. Trump wants to “proudly show” his paperwork to the public, but it’s

15 Can’t Miss Netflix Shows on Politics

While you might be interested in politics, it can be difficult to break into the topic or dig deeper than the headlines.  But with these 15 shows, you’ll gain a greater understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and still have time