7 Things Only Die-Hard Fans Get About Why the Hell Are You Here Teacher

1. The Story Line Feels Familiar 2. They Bought a New House and Now You’re Here 3. The Half-Assed Plot Lines and Wording 4. The Bad, Terrible Acting and Dialogue 5. When They Got What We Wanted After All This Time  6. Tidbits

Reason why ban call hawk the “Master”

The bird is the master. It is not enough to know how to call birds; it is necessary to act like a bird. The master will never stay in the cage,  always outsmart the hunter, and sometimes lose its life for it. It

Tragic loss: the story of ibraheem azooz

Ibraheem (the world’s most famous Syrian refugee) became my iddo (or younger brother) in 2017.  It was an act of unimaginable love on his family’s part.  They welcomed me into their home, fed me vegetarian Syrian food, and offered me their sofa to

The Truth About characters in earth driven story

In a story based on realism, I was unable to relate to any of the protagonist’s as people.   In every good fiction, as well as most nonfiction, there is a character I can identify with or who seems true to life.  They have