The Most Beloved Taiwan Tech Trek Products, According to Reviewers

“The most popular products are the ones that have the most reviews and the most positive reviews. The thing about review scores is that they’re a matter of opinion.  A majority of reviews are not necessarily the most important thing to you.  So

What is Taiwan Tech Trek?

It’s finally time for taiwan tech trek 2017 . Tech Trek is the annual student-led international engineering, technology, business innovation and entrepreneurship conference organized by the Association of Information Technology Professionals in Taiwan (AITP).  This year’s event will be held in Taipei from

internship program “Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) 2017”

There are lots of summer internship programs in Taiwan, but not many of them are  tech-oriented. This is the main reason why the Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) has become so popular  over the years. The program is made for tech enthusiasts and professionals

Best of Taiwan Tech Trek 2017

The Taiwan Tech Trek is a tour of Taiwan’s most cutting-edge technology companies, from late September until November 16.  It features live demos and showcases from the best of Taiwanese startups and the finest global corporations alike.  In 2017, it will be hosted