The best celebrity news from the internet

It’s been a while since we checked in on the stars, but here is a quick roundup of all the latest news in Hollywood celebrity blog.

Gossip does not just happen spontaneously, it needs your help. So it’s with immense love and gratitude to my fellow citizens of the internet that I present you with this roundup of the best celebrity news from the internet.

Enjoy your next hot break-up or bitter feud; eat a chocolate while you read about your favorite celebrity’s heartbreak. Life is short, and we need to live every moment we can.

In an ideal world, everyone would live their life free of pain, but unfortunately our world is not ideal, so if celebrities could spare a thought for us lesser mortals who still have to deal with these struggling emotions in our own lives they might be able to help get through it all just a little bit better than us.

But they can’t. Because celebrities are incapable of human emotion, so you will have to do it for them.

So don’t feel alone in your emotional travails, feel the pain of the people you fall in love with through your television screen, and learn from their mistakes!

It is a cycle that can sustain us all.

  • It looks like even our favorite dreamy Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling has fallen victim to a bad break-up. I hope he is OK. We need him now more than ever because his angelic smile will make everything better instantly when the storm of an election is finally over.
  • A month after Nicki Minaj got engaged to NBA player The Player, he revealed that he still intended to keep his wife for himself. So basically, he’s a cheater. Typical man.
  • Is this the end for designer Marc Jacobs? His fall from grace has been nothing short of disgraceful, and in today’s world where we are so connected to our phones that people don’t even have the decency to speak face-to-face with each other anymore, it is only fitting that his career ends with a bang.

Do you want to know who has been telling lies about you? Who is back-stabbing you? Who is trying to bring you down? If only there were a place where all the dirtiest secrets from Hollywood are exposed.

Think again, because I am about to tell you: it’s your jealous friends. Try not to be so insecure. You are a beautiful person!

  • When I read the news this morning that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are now engaged, my first thought was: “how do these two have time for marriage when they run charities in third world countries every night and attend every single event on the planet?” They are truly a selfless couple.

If you haven’t seen this yet, prepare for heartache. It is disgusting how much time these people waste on Facebook.

  • Everybody’s favorite High School Sweethearts Mark Salling and Olivia Munn are an old couple now, and apparently she still calls him “baby,” so no, that doesn’t make them true lovebirds. Just a couple of friends who like each other a lot.

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