February 8, 2023
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The Complete List of Hemp Dos and Don’ts

The Complete List of Hemp Dos and Don’ts

Hemp is a misunderstood plant, and many people don’t know the do’s and don’ts of it. This blog will help clear up everything that you need to know about hemp- from the step by step advanced hemp patterns basics to the science behind it. 

In a nutshell, hemp is a plant that contains very low levels of THC in comparison to the normal marijuana plants. It is legal to grow, sell and use the plant in all 50 states without having to jump through any hoops. 

Over 500 years ago, no one knew what type of plant Cannabis sativa was. Throughout history, it has been used as an herbal medicine found throughout Asia and Europe that was originally thought to be some form of grass seed. In Africa, it was made into a cloth known as hemp. As early as 2800 B.C., no one knew how much of an effect Cannabis had on the human body.

Dos of hemp are:

1. Hemp is a great plant.

Hemp can be grown with little to no pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. It uses little water and has the ability to grow in almost any soil condition or climate. Hemp is also naturally resistant to many types of pests and disease. The chemicals used are non-toxic, dissolve quickly in the environment, or after being processed into hemp oil, it can be used as biodiesel fuel or organic fertilizer.

2. Hemp products are cost effective, will last longer than other materials and are biodegradable in landfills.

People have been trying to find an alternative for wood pulp paper for years that actually works better than wood pulp paper . At first the Netherlands thought it was hemp, but they later found out that hemp paper is not as strong as wood pulp paper. However, the University of Manitoba in Canada proved that fiber from hemp works better than wood pulp alone. It also makes for a much more environmentally friendly product because it’s easier to recycle and not harmful to the environment .

3. Hemp can be used for anything from construction material to fuel and plastic.

Hemp is extremely strong and durable, so it is easy to convert into different products such as plastics, fuels and textiles without the use of toxic chemicals. The hemp plant is the only plant with enough cellulose in its stalk for plastic production . This makes it extremely low-cost and biodegradable. Its strong fibers make it perfect for constructing buildings and bridges, and the biodegradable nature of the plant makes it usable in landfills.

4. Hemp is a renewable resource.

Hemp is a renewable resource since it can regrow from seed, crop to crop. Each hemp plant is capable of producing 4,000 pounds of fiber at full maturity with an above average yield per acre. This can be used for fuel, paper, plastic and construction materials . Hemp seeds contain more than 25% oil that can be used as biodiesel fuel or blended into diesel fuel sold in America . This oil can also be used as organic fertilizer.

Don’ts of hemp are:

1. You cannot get high from hemp. 

Some people think that they can get high from the hemp plant , but they are wrong. The THC levels in the stalk and seed are extremely low, which means you will not get a buzz from it . This is because less than .05 % of the THC found in marijuana is found in hemp . All of it has to be smoked or eaten for you to feel any effects, and if you smoke or eat it, you will feel sick, not high.  

2. Don’t smoke or eat hemp plants unless you want to get sick.

If you eat too much hemp, your health could be in danger . The THC levels in the plant are extremely low and if you eat it, you can become very sick. This is because the body absorbs any THC that is consumed, and if the THC levels are high enough, it will cause a person to become sick or have seizures. Any amount of marijuana can be toxic to humans.

3. Never buy hemp seeds at Walmart or Target.

You can’t buy hemp seeds at Walmart in America which means 99% of people who want to grow hemp legally cannot legally do so. This shows another way that the government has denied people their right to grow and use this amazing plant for so many years. 

4. Don’t use hemp oil as a laxative, it’ll kill you.

Hemp oil has very low levels of THC so it is not enough to get you high. However, if you take too much hemp oil, it can cause death. Signs of toxicity include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The oil can also lead to death if the liver is damaged.


These are the basic do’s and don’ts of hemp. Hemp is a great plant that needs to be used on a massive scale in order to help our environment, economy and even our health. There are many opportunities with this plant, and hopefully one day it will be available to everyone who wants it rather than the government. 

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