July 16, 2024

10 Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Dating

10 Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Dating

The dating scene is important, but it can get expensive. 

Whether you’re paying for expensive dinners or trying to navigate the tough world of online dating, it’s easy to spend more than you need to. 

So follow these simple steps and you’ll find a way to save money on your love life with these 10 tips for dating frugality.

1. Online Dating

For most people, online dating is a necessary evil. It can be expensive to pay for site memberships and matchmaking services, and the sites that aren’t free usually aren’t worth the money. 

Luckily, there are other ways to get a date online – some of which you might find surprising:

 Join religious groups. Some churches and synagogues welcome singles into their fold, whether they’re looking for a religion or just companionship.

 2) Join the gym. 

Gyms and exercise classes love catering to singles because they know that their memberships have a high turnover rate –

 meaning they’ll be able to take advantage of you again and again if you use their services regularly.

 Sure, you could pick up a membership somewhere else, but gyms usually offer more reasonable rates than other leisure options and even provide a space for meeting others.


3.  Dinner and a movie

If you’re eating out at least once or twice during your first few months of dating (and again later on), you’ll find that you save money on dinner –

 as long as you decide what to order ahead of time instead of waiting to see what the restaurant has in store for you.

Take a look at your date’s profile and see what they’re interested in eating. If they like Thai, Mexican, Indian or similar cuisines, go somewhere that will deliver – 

or get take-out from one of the restaurants near your date’s apartment or office.

4. Pick a place close to home

Another way to save money on dinner is to make sure you don’t travel far for your date. 

Online dating has brought on a new phenomenon called “the third date rule,” which means that most people wait until they go out three times before they decide to get intimate.

If you want to make sure you get intimate quickly, stick to dates that are close to home.

 This will save you tons of time and gas money – which means more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

5. Plan carefully

The dating scene is a cycle that most people have to go through: meeting, going on a few dates, deciding whether or not they like the person they’re with and then closing things out. 

Most people plan their first date around what they’re doing the following weekend – 

but if you wait until next week to look for a second date, it could be too late.

Instead of waiting, plan your first date at a restaurant or coffee shop on the same day that you meet. 

6. Take advantage of Google Maps

If you’re going out for dinner, take advantage of Google Maps and see what shows up near each other –

 no matter which way they are relative to each other. You can literally find restaurants in close proximity any night of the week by using this tool:

 it shows what restaurants are around each other and with how much space in between them – so use this feature to your advantage!

7. Save on the date itself

While you’re hanging out with your date, make sure you’re not spending money. 

Simple things like waiting for your food to arrive instead of ordering a drink will save you some cash. 

If a restaurant is offering half off drinks at happy hour or you see a special deal on an appetizer, order it.

 If there’s a special discount on parking, take advantage of that – and make sure to take out your wallet at the end of the evening (unless they know that’s not something you do).

8. Plan ahead

If you’re going out on a date, make sure you have a game plan in place before you go. 

You could use this handy tool from the dating website eHarmony to help figure out what type of date you want: 

look at the profile of your potential date and see if there are any interests that match yours. 

You can even use this free tool to find matches based on photos: upload a photo and see what matches pop up for you!https://loveshayarii.com/

9. Take advantage of free trials for dating sites

When it comes to online dating, most people will tell you that it’s easy to sign up and get your feet wet – but that takes time.

There’s one for just about everything – you can even find groups that get together to play board games or go hiking.

 You can also attend local events in your area or so see what other groups are available to join.

They usually host events specifically for singles and offer them a chance to mingle with other like-minded people in an organized social setting (with supervision).

10. Join a Meetup or two.

 Meetups are groups of people with a common interest who get together at least once a month for networking and mingling. 

That way, you’ll save gas and time by not having to drive all over town looking for the right place to go.

Once upon a time, dinner and a movie was a classic date night – but times have changed, especially when it comes to dates.

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