July 16, 2024
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12 Cult-Favorite Travel Products You Should Know

12 Cult-Favorite Travel Products You Should Know

This is an article on some of the most popular travel products in the world. These are all tried and tested by travelers, so you know they are worth your time. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or gadgets, this list has you covered.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Convertible Carry On


This is the perfect carryon by Eagle Creek, and it may be the best stuff bag ever invented. It has a unique design that can either be used as a backpack or laptop case, or slide off to reveal two compartments for you to use as underseat (UPS) bags for your luggage.

Each bag has a front pocket with a zippered pocket. It’s designed to be five inches wide (rules for many airlines allow for a bag that’s 5″x10″x20″), but it can expand to 6″ wide, which is plenty of space for those last minute additions.

The material is ripstop nylon and is water repellant.

Plus the bag tapers down to just 2 inches so it will fit in any overhead bin. The bag does not have wheels, but it wont wear down your shoulder if you decide to carry it. 

 Toiletries & Electronics Bags by eBags


Dont spend money on stupid hotel toiletry bags. These bags are the most expensive in this list, but they’re worth every penny. Each has its own set of pockets, and each comes with a lock and key, so they won’t be burgled when you aren’t using them. The first bag is the Toiletry Bag with Zipper Closure. It’s designed to hold everything you need in one place; shower stuff, toiletries, or even electronics (this is especially handy for travellers).

The second is the Toiletry/Cosmetic Case with Zipper Closure. This one is mainly for toiletries and comes with its own zippered pouch where you can keep your toothbrush, razor, etc; hence the name.

Next is The Dopp Kit with Zipper Closure  

 a dopp kit is a combination of a toiletry bag and a wash bag. Every traveller must have one of these in their possession. It’s got a toiletry compartment that has two partitions, so you can organize your stuff even more efficiently. It’s also got a detachable mirror, which may come in handy if you’re on an airplane.

Finally, is the Electronics Organizer which can hold your laptop, camera, and other gadgets. This one comes with its own shoulder strap and separate compartments for those who are travelling with a bunch of electronics.

You can buy all these products on Amazon .

 Travel Socks by Smartwool


These are the best travel socks ever invented by man (or woman). Smartwool describes this footwear as “more than socks”. They are extremely lightweight, but do not sacrifice warmth. They are perfectly insulated and perfect for those long flights. You can find this product on Amazon .

 Tumi Luggage


Tumi makes some of the best travel bags available in the market right now, and it’s no wonder why people love them so much! Tumi luggage has been proudly made in America since 1919, so you know they’re durable and high quality.

Tumi luggage is designed to hold your clothes, shoes, and toiletries easily. They have a perfect leather look, and it’s been coated with Polyurethane for durable protection.

Their luggage tags are RFID-blocking so your belongings won’t be showing up on the security systems at the airport. You can buy these products on Amazon

Rockwell x TSA Approved Luggage Trunk – Premium Series


Another product from Tumi, these trunks are extremely sleek and come in four different colors: Purple , Red , Orange , Blue . These trunks are approved by the TSA and make travelling with suitcases incredibly easy. The material is light and durable, so your bag won’t weigh you down too much. They’re also very intuitive, so you can organize your things to the perfect position.

You can buy these products on Amazon .

 Swiss Gear Trunkuru

This product is perfect for those who don’t like to be restricted on where they can put their toiletry bag. It has a padded mesh interior, so you can organize all your stuff in the best way. Plus it’s TSA approved, so you know it will be safe from airport security.

You can find this product on Amazon . The Brews News

 Hip Pack by Hip Packer Inc.


This is the best travel accessory for people who like to keep all their stuff in one place. It’s got a secret pocket for your valuables, so you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen when you are on the go. There are even two expandable mesh pockets which are great for holding water bottles, or whatever else you want to stick in there.

The product is made from ripstop nylon, and has padded shoulder straps, so it won’t wear out your shoulders if you decide to carry it around. The product is available on Amazon .

 Smartgear Backpack by BearPaw


This backpack is the most stylish backpack you can find, and it’s perfect for travelling short or long distances. The product is completely unzipped, so you can stow your things in there, and the zipper can be separated into two halves so your things don’t get jumbled at all during those long trips. It also has a raincover that you can attach to the back of it, just in case it rains while you’re out and about.

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