May 28, 2024

4 P’s of digital marketing

4 P’s of digital marketing





What separates the best digital marketers from the rest?

 Strategy, that’s what! Knowing your audience, understanding what you want to accomplish, 

and then taking deliberate actions to reach your goals are the keys to success in every avenue of life; marketing is no exception. 

While we talk plenty about how to make money online, we forget to give the same attention to our social media marketing efforts. 

The truth is, they’re no different than any other marketing effort you might pursue:

 if you’re not following a clear strategy and executing on it, then you’re just spinning your wheels.

The world of online marketing can be daunting at first glance.

 There are countless strategies and tactics out there, and most of them sound great on paper but often lack substance. 

We certainly agree with this assessment: we think that investing in a solid digital marketing 

strategy is one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur or business owner.

We know that not everyone has the time to go down the rabbit hole of different online marketing methods, 

so we’ve created an easy-to-understand guide of ‘4 P’s of digital marketing’ meant to help you get started on your way to success.

 Plan for Success

The first step in effective digital marketing is organization.

 It’s one thing to jump into the deep end, but it’s something entirely different 

if you’re not prepared for it! We can’t stress enough how important this step is,

 and why it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while: 

no matter your desired industry, planning ahead will help you succeed.

One of the biggest reasons we stress the importance of planning is due to its impact on your marketing: 

you can’t just start throwing posts and posts on social media and expect results! 

Failing to plan ahead could mean that you’re putting money into a business

 that will end up failing, or that you’re wasting time & energy on something that simply isn’t effective.

The first step to planning is taking an honest look at your current situation. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is the current state of your company or business? What are you trying to accomplish? 

These questions should help provide you with direction for the following steps.

A brief overview of what’s next:

Pick your target audience / customer base 

Analyze yourself against your competition Make sure you have an effective product or service 

Come up with a list of keywords Determine which social channels are best for you Have a plan (daily, weekly, monthly) for each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) Get started!

 Promote Yourself Uprightly

As discussed above, it’s one thing to ‘do’ promotion; it’s quite another to promote yourself uprightly. 

You need to be a skilled self-promoter if you want to build a successful marketing career.

As the old adage goes, “you have to give before you can receive.” 

In other words, if you want others to respond favorably to your efforts, then the only way is to promote yourself! 

This sounds simple enough, but it can get difficult when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of business life.

 We understand that it’s hard work building a strong presence on social media platforms, but we also know that it’s worth it in the end.

One of the most important steps in promoting yourself uprightly is keeping a positive attitude while doing so.

 If you’re going to be going on social media and talking about your company or business,

 then people will be expecting you to represent it in a positive light. You can’t be a Debbie Downer all the time!

This is something we’ve been working on improving at DigitalMarketingGirls for several years now. 

While we recognize that there’s such a thing as ‘negative’ promotion, 

we’ve since shifted our mindset towards promoting our product and services in a positive light. 

We try to stay away from negativity whenever possible, and we encourage others to do the same – or at least don’t go overboard with it! 

Negative promotion is just as bad as no promotion: neither of them result in any results for you!

3. Present Yourself Appealing

The actual act of getting your brand or product ‘out there’ can be very time-consuming. 

This is especially true in the world of online marketing, where you have to put in a significant amount of effort to earn results.

 There are many different things you can do that involve presenting yourself appealing, including:

Creating an Online Portfolio for your business Obese Tuber

Providing tutorials to help people optimize websites for on-page SEO and advertising efforts.

While this list of suggestions may be a little overwhelming at first glance, 

we assure you that it’s easier than it looks! If you’re struggling to know where to begin with promoting yourself, 

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