April 15, 2024

5 Tactics for Boosting Your English Vocabulary

5 Tactics for Boosting Your English Vocabulary

Perhaps you are embarking on a course and want to develop your knowledge of the English language. Maybe English is not your first language and you’re keen to progress further. It may even be that you just want to prove to yourself you can still learn new things. Whatever your reasons for wanting to boost your English vocabulary, expanding your word bank needn’t be dull. There are many fun ways you can develop your language skills, so enjoy the process and embrace every opportunity to learn a new word!


One great way to boost your vocabulary is to read widely. Don’t just stick to one genre – switch between fiction and non-fiction, magazines and newspapers. You could even use the dictionary and pick your own word of the day and vow to find ways to work it into conversations. By dedicating time to reading, your vocabulary will naturally broaden so pick up a book today and get started on improving yourself and your vocabulary. 

Online Tools and Apps

Make the most of modern technology and use fun word apps to boost your lingo knowledge. With online games and tools that easily unscramble words and letters you will find you quickly learn new words and your vocabulary will expand. This is ideal for when you are traveling or have five minutes to spare, so utilize technological advances and improve your English skills at the same time! There are also many accessible social media accounts that will help you learn new words and their meanings. Susie Dent, a TV presenter based in the UK and expert on words, has a wonderful Twitter account where she shares a word of the day – often topical – which will ensure you impress your friends. Check her out @susie_dent.

Play Word Games

Traditional board games never go out of style so go for the old-school option and bring out the Scrabble board. This is a great way to develop your vocabulary and fun for all ages. Other popular games such as Bananagrams will also help you boost your English vocabulary – learning doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t forget there are plenty of TV game shows that will also help you familiarize yourself with letters and words so check out quiz shows and boost your vocab from the comfort of your armchair.

Traditional Word Puzzles

There are many different forms of word puzzles, so it is worth trying a variety to find which style you like best. Question-based puzzles such as crosswords remain a popular choice and wordsearches are another favorite with many puzzlers. Not only are these fun ways to extend your vocabulary, but there is also evidence that word puzzles like these may be able to reduce the likelihood of memory loss by keeping the brain active. 


When you were at school and learning to read, you probably used flashcards to help you recognize and remember letters and words. Later in your education career you may have made notes on flashcards to help you revise for tests. The fact is flashcards work. If you want to learn new words, why not buy a pack of blank cards to help you practice? Write a word on one side and its meaning on the other and get a friend or family member to help you revise. You will surprise yourself with how quickly you pick up new words!

Using a combination of these methods is highly effective and stops you getting bored, so mix and match for a varied learning routine. Good luck with your quest for improving your vocabulary! Enjoy it!

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