April 15, 2024

7 UX/UI Trends for 2022

7 UX/UI Trends for 2022

It was only recently that 2021 brought a lot of innovations in the world of technology, especially this growth was driven by an entrenched remote form of life. It has become the norm to work, study and perform the simplest actions online, and of course, along with all this, the UX / UI sphere has also undergone changes.

UX/UI what does this interesting term mean?

UI stands for User Interface, and UX is User Experience.

These are two different profiles, which are actually very closely related and answer the same tasks.

This is the so-called tandem of the appearance of the interface and impressions, that is, the user experience that can be obtained while working with this particular interface. If we mix two closely related profiles, we get UI/UX design. 

In fact, UX / UI is indeed a very progressive direction, and the year 2022 that has approached sharply already has its own trends. It is very important to stay on the wave of rushing trends and know what is relevant and successful now. It is for this purpose that this article was created. Read and get acquainted with as many as seven trends.

1. Even more dark

Guess what opens the charts? Naturally, Dark Mode will remain on the wave of hype. Everyone has always used Light Mode, but since last year there has been a sharp transition to the dark side.

The secret of Dark Mode’s success, first of all, lies in the most external component and how it is perceived by eye. It’s elegant, formal, and also quite stylish.  Paradise for connoisseurs. But besides this, there are a number of other advantages. The first thing I want to mention is the concern for people’s eyesight, which can really suffer from the use of smartphones.  But the dark background is more loyal to the eye.  In addition to loyalty to vision, this will extend to the phone battery!  You really save battery when you use Dark Mode.

A big bonus is that the text is much easier to read, so in 90% of applications you can go to the settings and select Dark Mode, but this can also happen automatically if you go to Dark Mode in the phone settings themselves. 

2. Animation

More and more animation is being introduced into the interface.  It is much more interesting and convenient to raise information, and also attracts users much more than static. 

Hey! You probably want to impress. User interface design services will help you do this.

3. Microinteractions

For those who are not aware of small changes in the interface, this is called microinteractions.  These include, for example, clicking on the “like” button.  In 2022, these simple little things are getting more and more advanced!  Everyone has long understood that ignoring micro-interactions is a bad idea, but if this does not happen, then the user experience increases significantly.

4. Bold font

Pay more attention to what fonts are being used more and more often.  You’ve noticed how many sites are equipped with bold text, and also pay attention to the fact that you’re falling for this trick.  And it happens unconsciously.  Your attention is primarily directed to brighter details and this is a great trick.

5. Gradients

We are still rapidly moving towards beauty.  The aesthetic component comes to the fore.  To achieve attractiveness, you need to remember about color combinations and gradients.  A pleasant visual component has users and does not distract attention from the important.

6. 3D graphics

Another relevant technique that fills the space.  Again, since last year or even the year before, mobile applications began to be actively equipped with 3D details, which are stylish additions.

7. Illustrated errors

When a 404 error pops up or something like that, this is of course an unpleasant moment, but even it should be taken into account so that there is an unambiguous fullness of the interface. Consider looking up sites like Scorpion, which provide tips for designing an outstanding 404 error page.

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