May 28, 2024

8 Tricks to Kick Your Worst Sports Habits

Watching your favorite sports, like football or baseball, can be fun – but watching your game languish because you are playing with the wrong strategy is frustrating. 

It’s important to have healthy habits when it comes to playing sports so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle and avoid injury.

The good news is that there are many ways you can improve your sports performance by breaking old habits. 

Here are some tricks  to help you change up the way you play!

1. Don’t eat snacks between practices.

While pre-game hydration is important, eating something before you need to be playing can hinder your performance. 

Try to stick with a healthy snack that you did not have anytime during practice.

2. Perform quick warm-ups before practice starts.

Warm up on the field is incredibly important for sports players of any level but practicing in cold weather can really mess you up. 

While it’s okay to do a quick jog or stretch before practice, make sure you don’t overdo it.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep.

For athletes of any kind, rest is incredibly important. In fact, athletic performance is directly correlated with the amount of sleep you get each night. 

Try to take a short nap or get to bed early so that you can have the energy you need for practice and the extra help from your sports equipment .

4. Try a new shoe type if your current shoes are worn out.

Even the smallest change in the design of a shoe can dramatically affect how you run or jump so try out a new pair if your old ones aren’t working for you.

5. Practice is more important than the game.

Everyone likes to win but it’s better to practice hard and lose than to not practice at all. 

Stay focused on what you need to do for your team instead of worrying about how you are doing individually .

6. Bring a small bag of snacks with you when you are playing sports.

Snacks that are easy to eat or drink can be very helpful when your energy starts to flag. Fruit, granola bars, and nuts are all good options!

Practice is more important than the game! Everyone likes to win but it’s better to practice hard and lose than to not practice at all. Stay focused on what you need to do for your team instead of worrying about how you are doing individually.

7. Make sure your socks are the right length.

Wearing socks that are too short or too long can cause you to lose traction when you run or jump. 

You don’t want to risk hurting yourself or your teammates so make sure you wear the right type of sports socks .

8. Stretch before practice and after it ends.

Muscle aches can be very distracting during practice so it’s important to take time before and after each game to stretch out any areas that might be bothering you . In most sports, there is a designated stretch area after practice is over.

Some bonus tricks to Kick Your Worst Sports Habits

  • Wear your sports gear during practice!

Sports equipment can be very helpful at improving your performance but often the gear itself becomes a crutch to keep you from trying harder or learning new techniques. 

Just remember that part of being a good athlete is making sure you use the equipment for its intended purpose .

  •  Change your workout routine every now and then.

Routine is necessary but it can also be boring and even repetitive. Just like in any other part of life, having variety and change will help you grow as a player and as a person .

If you aren’t already doing these things, try adding one or two new habits into your routine that will help you become a better sports player! 

The more you practice playing by these rules , the more natural they are going to feel over time .

Just because you have a healthy routine doesn’t mean you will play perfectly every time. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to be different and make mistakes! 

If you fall down, get back up and give it your best shot .

The most important thing you can do is to stay positive and believe in yourself. Good habits are the key to any kind of success and sports are no different! 

  • Don’t forget that next time you hit the field, court, or ice! Your attitude makes a real difference in your performance.
  • Just keep learning and improving your game so that you can become the best athlete you can be .
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