May 28, 2024

9 Movies About Travel to Watch When You’re Bored at Home

9 Movies About Travel to Watch When You’re Bored at Home

If you’re bored and looking for something to do on Netflix, a thrilling movie is just what you need. There are so many good movies about travel out there, but which ones should you watch? Let’s look at the nine best – and the reasons why they make so much sense!

Wayne Wang’s Eat Drink Man Woman: 

A unique romantic comedy about growing up with three different perspectives. 

You’re in the United States, where the playboy daughter of a famous chef eats, drinks, and sleeps around. 

Then you’re in China, where she falls in love with a chef and works at his restaurant. 

Finally, you’re in Taiwan with her sister, who has to decide if a marriage is worth it! 

The beautifully written story of what happens when two people at odds with one another come together shows everyone how challenging it can be to accept someone into your world.

 The Darjeeling Limited:

 A movie about one man’s struggles to reclaim who he is and find his real place in the world. You’re in India, where a wealthy young American travels through India with his sister and 3 friends. 

They see things that they’ve never seen before and realize that they aren’t the same after graduation. 

This movie is filled with drama and touching moments that will show you how difficult it can be to grow up, as well as acknowledge your differences. 

Director Wes Anderson wisely never puts a single character on a pedestal or judges them for anything, allowing us to view the world from many different perspectives.


Dinner with friends and wine make this romantic film an enjoyable conclusion to your Sunday night binge-watching

You’re in California, where two friends on a road trip realize that their lives have taken them in different directions. 

One of them has become a plain vanilla adult and wants to take one last chance at the exciting life he could have had. 

This movie is all about manhood and gender roles, making it perfect for women who love romantic comedies. 

An amusing comedy about one man who falls in love with a woman that he sees every day but never speaks to.

As an adventurous story, it gives you a look at what happens when people are given total control of their own lives. Not all of them turn out well!

 A River Runs Through It: 

A small town tale about friendship, family and love. You’re in Montana, where two brothers with very different lives have a falling out over a girl. 

One is a fantastic fly fisherman and the other is a womanizing, liquor-drinking adult who does nothing but work all day long. 

They grow up, learn from one another and find love despite their differences. 

This movie is about how we treat those closest to us and how our friends and family can change as we do. 

 The Grand Budapest Hotel: 

Director Wes Anderson’s droll take on a 1930’s period piece is a surreal story about relationships, art and surviving both. 

You’re in a European country, where a hotel concierge must save his old friend from the clutches of prison. 

Along the way, he meets a new friend and must make a decision about love and family. 

This movie explores what happens when we’re all out of options and forced to make big changes in our lives. 

It shows how our decisions affect those around us, too!  The Brews News

 City of Life and Death: 

A very different type of war film that makes you think in ways you never thought before. 

The intense courage and bravery shown by so many who lived in Nanjing during the darkest hours forces us to look at our own lives. 

You’re in Beijing, where a playwright is imprisoned for writing about the cruelty of war. 

She has to help save her friend and get out when the Japanese army attacks.

A heartbreaking movie about a family torn apart by a debilitating disease and the agonizing decision of hiring a surrogate to carry their child for them.

 The Lives of Others: 

A drama about life in East Germany during the Cold War, it is a powerful story about power and how it is often abused. 

Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck shows how both people living under oppression can be inspiring –

even when they appear to be the same as everyone else.

A movie about the importance of taking your time.

Part comedy, part drama, it makes for another great film to watch with friends when you’re feeling bored at home.

 The Giver: 

Another great film that makes a point about people needing more than what they give themselves. 

You’re in a futuristic society where one man starts to remember things he’s repressed. 

He then has to learn how to take control of his own life and be an independent adult.

Despite being fiction, it uses the classic shortcoming of every human being to demonstrate how we need to learn more about ourselves before we can become truly happy.

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