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All You Need To Know About Indian Traditional Bangles

All You Need To Know About Indian Traditional Bangles

In the Indian tradition, bangles are one of the most significant pieces of jewelry any Indian woman wears. However, the bangles are the essence of a woman’s true beauty. That signifies their Indian tradition as well. However, for a married woman, wearing bangles is always a must.

Because the bangles are going to signify their respect towards their husband as well as the sign of their suhaag.

Bangles are always an important part of traditional Hindu culture. It’s no surprise that bangles are a must-have piece of jewelry for any Indian woman. 

Bangles Reflect The Identity Of An Indian Bride

Bangles for women are commonly recognized as a part of the solah shringar of an Indian bride. It reflects the authenticity of an Indian bride as well. 

At a wedding, it is obviously mandatory for an Indian bride to wear bangles. The bangles, which are made of gold, symbolize the long life of their husband. 

Even in the Hindu tradition, it has been said that the bangles are a sign of good fortune for the married couple.

Nowadays, plain gold bangles are much more suitable for a contemporary look. Bangles that are made of gold are mostly preferred for any kind of Hindu ceremony. 

Even if the bangles are prepared for any type of ceremony, you must choose the geometric design of the bangle that would suit your hand shape. Because the bangles don’t suit your hand, there’s a chance that it wouldn’t go with your overall outfit look as well. It is most preferred if you choose your bangle shapes according to your style and shape preferences.  

The Role Of Bangles In Traditional Weddings

Bangles are a type of beautiful jewelry worn by young brides on their wedding day. However, it is one of the symbols that is going to mark an Indian married woman as one of the symbols. 

Today, plain gold bangles are ruling the market rather than those old-fashioned traditional bangles. It is more convenient to wear and matches perfectly on the young bride’s wrist.

What Is The Traditional Significance Of Bangles?  

In Indian tradition, every culture has different rituals associated with bangles. However, it is a must-do for a woman to wear bangles for their wedding ceremony. The bangles are going to symbolize the love and respect both partners have for each other. 

Gold is considered auspicious in India’s eastern and southern states. And they believe that wearing gold bangles for a bride is a positive sign towards marriage. 

Gold bangles are a true sign of fertility and prosperity. It is said that wearing bangles is going to lead you to a brighter future ahead with your partner.  

Even in Bengali culture, there are two red and white bangles for the bride. It is usually called shankha or pola. Bengali brides wear it after their marriage to signify their marriage. 

After the wedding, even the mother-in-law gives their daughter-in-law gold bangles. They give the bangles to their daughter-in-law to reflect the love of their husband. And it signifies the fact that they have entered their new household and they must continue to lead their married life further. 

In Maharashtra, the brides wear green bangles so that they can reflect that their life is going to bring them new opportunities.    

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Bangles Enhance Your Overall Appearance

Gold bangles are always a must for any tradition. One of the many versatile traditions for any Indian woman is to wear gold bangles. Because in the Hindu tradition, the bangles are going to symbolize your true respect and loyalty towards your husband.   

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