4 Tips for Buying a Barcode Reader

A barcode reader is a device that reads the barcode on an item and tells you what it is. They’re useful when trying to check prices in a store, scanning items for inventory, or even reading QR codes. But how do you know

Thermoelectric Travel Cooler and Warmer

The thermoelectric travel cooler and warmer is a fantastic device.  It eliminates the need for ice, saves time and money on snacks, and is perfect for camping or car trips.  The best part: it’s rechargeable!  Read on to learn more about the five

Minimizing the Skyrim without Crashing

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a really big game, and it’s easy to overwhelm your computer with all the graphics and features.  There are a few things you can do to minimize that without crashing the game, though!  Turn down your screen

Luxo Jr., now serves as the mascot for Pixar Animation Studios

Luxo Jr., now serves as the mascot for Pixar Animation Studios, the company it helped found. This adorable little lamp was originally designed by Bob Pauley in 1959 and was given to Ralph Guggenheim by his grandmother.  It became an iconic part of

The Most Underrated Technology Products You Need to Know

You’re probably going to be surprised at how many products out there are so-called “too-sharp.”  But if you’re thinking about being able to make your life easier, you’re going to need to know where to look.  A lot of the information you can

Luxo Jr., the mascot for Pixar Animation Studios

Luxo Jr. is the mascot for Pixar Animation Studios, which you have probably heard of before.  Luxo Jr. typically appears alongside another Pixar protagonist, Luxo Sr., its larger counterpart.  The small Luxo lamp has become an iconic image in computing and animation since

Millenials Think About Blogging Apps for Iphone

In the past, popular bloggers have been those who could create a well-written blog from their smartphone.  These days, however, there are so many blogging apps available that it’s almost impossible for anyone to be good at everything.  What’s more is that as

8 Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Blogging Apps for Iphone

As a blogger, you probably spend quite a bit of time and effort on your blog and your app.  Now that we’re in the era of the smartphone and more people than ever access the web through their device, saving some money on

An Intro to Sky Rider Sparrow Camera in Under 10 Minutes

It all started with a product name. In April of 2016, Sky Rider Sparrow Camera was introduced as the newest member of the Sky Rider family.  It was a camera that not only could capture images from multiple angles, but it could also

Best selling Smartphones of Samsung

Samsung is a company that produces some of the most popular Smartphones on the market.  In order to help you choose which model is best for you, we have put together a list of Samsung’s best sellers.  Some of these Smartphones include the