March 2, 2024

How to Check Your Traffic Fines: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting a traffic fine can be a frustrating experience, but it’s important to stay informed about any penalties you may have incurred. In this article, we will guide you through the process of checking your traffic fines in Spain, specifically focusing on the topic of “como saber las multas que tengo” (how to know the fines I have). By following the steps outlined below, you can easily access information about your fines and take the necessary actions to resolve them.

Understanding the Traffic Fine System in Spain

Before diving into the process of checking your fines, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the traffic fine system in Spain. The country has a comprehensive system in place to regulate traffic violations and ensure road safety. The fines imposed for different offenses vary depending on the severity of the violation.

Spain categorizes traffic offenses into three main groups:

  • Minor Offenses: These include violations such as parking in a prohibited area or exceeding the speed limit by a small margin.
  • Serious Offenses: This category includes offenses like running a red light, driving under the influence of alcohol, or using a mobile phone while driving.
  • Very Serious Offenses: These are the most severe violations, such as driving at excessive speeds, reckless driving, or causing an accident due to negligence.

Each offense carries a specific fine amount, which can range from a few euros to several hundred euros. Additionally, some offenses may also result in the deduction of points from your driving license.

Checking Your Traffic Fines Online

Thanks to technological advancements, checking your traffic fines in Spain has become a relatively straightforward process. The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), the Spanish traffic authority, provides an online platform where you can access information about your fines. Follow the steps below to check your fines:

Step 1: Visit the DGT Website

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official website of the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) at

Step 2: Access the “Consultation of Fines” Section

Once you are on the DGT website, look for the section titled “Consulta de Multas” or “Consultation of Fines.” This section allows you to access information about your fines.

Step 3: Provide Your Identification Details

In order to retrieve your fine information, you will need to provide your identification details. This typically includes your National Identity Document (DNI) or Foreigner Identification Number (NIE), as well as your date of birth.

Step 4: Enter the Verification Code

To ensure the security of your information, the DGT website requires you to enter a verification code. This code is usually a combination of numbers and letters displayed on the screen. Enter the code accurately to proceed.

Step 5: Access Your Fine Information

After completing the verification process, you will be able to access your fine information. The website will display a list of any fines you have incurred, including details such as the offense committed, the date of the violation, and the fine amount.

It’s important to note that the DGT website may only display fines issued within a certain timeframe. If you have recently received a fine, it may take some time for it to appear in the system. In such cases, it’s advisable to check back at a later date.

Resolving Your Traffic Fines

Once you have checked your traffic fines and have a clear understanding of the offenses committed, it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to resolve them. Ignoring fines can lead to further penalties, such as increased fines or the suspension of your driving license. Here are some options for resolving your fines:

Option 1: Pay the Fine

If you agree with the fine and do not wish to contest it, you can choose to pay it. The DGT website provides various payment methods, including online payment or payment at authorized financial institutions. Make sure to pay the fine within the specified timeframe to avoid any additional penalties.

Option 2: Contest the Fine

If you believe that the fine was issued incorrectly or you have valid reasons to contest it, you have the right to appeal. The DGT website provides information on how to contest a fine, including the necessary documentation and procedures to follow. It’s important to gather all relevant evidence to support your case.

Option 3: Attend a Traffic School

In some cases, attending a traffic school can help reduce the fine amount or prevent the deduction of points from your driving license. The DGT website provides information on approved traffic schools and the process for attending them. This option is particularly beneficial for minor offenses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I check my traffic fines if I am not a Spanish citizen?

Yes, the online system allows both Spanish citizens and foreign residents to check their traffic fines. You will need to provide your Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) instead of a National Identity Document (DNI).

2. What should I do if I cannot access the DGT website?

If you are unable to access the DGT website or encounter technical difficulties, you can visit a local traffic office or contact the DGT helpline for assistance. They will guide you through the process of checking your fines.

3. How long does it take for a fine to appear in the system?

The time it takes for a fine to appear in the system can vary. It depends on various factors, such as the issuing authority and the processing time. Generally, fines should appear in the system within a few weeks of being issued.

4. What happens if I do not pay my fines?

Ignoring fines can lead to further penalties, such as increased fines, the immobilization of your vehicle, or the suspension of your driving license. It’s important to address your fines promptly to avoid any additional consequences.

5. Can I request a payment plan for my fines?

Yes, in certain cases, you may be eligible to request a payment plan for your fines. The DGT website provides information on how to apply for a payment plan and the criteria for eligibility.


Checking your traffic fines in Spain is a crucial step in maintaining your driving record and ensuring compliance with traffic regulations. By following the

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