April 15, 2024

Emotions vs Feelings

Emotions vs Feelings

We often hear people say that they feel a certain way, but emotions and feelings are not the same. Obese Tuber

Emotions result from thoughts and feelings, and will usually dominate the mind according to its importance. 

Whereas feelings can show up at any time and be about anything – making them difficult to identify or understand.

In this post we explore what the difference is between emotion and feeling

 as well as how to start learning about your own emotions so you can know what you’re feeling at all times.

Feelings vs Emotions – The Big Difference

Feeling and emotions are very different in nature. On an emotional level,

 we feel like something is true even when there is no evidence to support our beliefs – 

such as when someone says “I don’t like you” and our inner voice says

 “I’m sure they don’t mean it; they’re just pissed off about something else”. 

This type of thinking is an emotion. It’s the voice inside us that we allow to run the show. 

Unlike feelings, emotions do not require us to look at out evidence and question their validity.

Emotions control our powerful feelings and drive how we react in each moment. When you feel an emotion, 

your body immediately reacts with physiological changes. 

Your heart starts to beat faster, you become stressed or relaxed, your breath becomes shallow or heavy and your mind shifts into a certain state –

 all without you even realizing what’s going on! So what exactly is happening?

When someone says something that causes you to have an emotional reaction, one of the following things could be happening:

It could be that they are saying something that triggers an inner story that has been running in your head for years. 

For example, you might say “I’m worthless because I failed at something”. 

This thought makes you feel bad about yourself so it counts as an emotion. You might think 

“Even though I don’t like this person, I’m not gonna let them make me feel bad about myself”. 

This thought is an emotion. 

It’s your feelings telling you that you should be angry or offended because you should never feel bad about yourself.

 Feeling the way that you do is what makes your behavior consistent with your beliefs.

It could be that the act of hearing what they said just raised an old wound in the body which reacts to the pain by calling for help 

 making it an emotion. For example, if something has always hurt you, 

but now someone says it out loud, your body will automatically react with feelings.

 As a result, you will feel hurt and the current situation will make it seem like a big deal.

Emotions represent a message from your body to your mind, and they function in a way that is very intricate and complex. 

Just take for example how you can be angry but still feel better after expressing anger. 

When this happens, there is no change happening in reality or whether or not someone has harmed you – 

however, what’s happening is that your body was telling your mind to stop focusing on the negative while giving it positive attention.

This can while we don’t usually associate emotions with thoughts we still think about them since we are constantly feeling them .

 They tell a story in a very effective way. 

Emotions are the best feeling in the world when you’re in a good mood, and horrible when you’re not. 

They have that power because they come from deep inside us. They come from feelings, so let’s take a look at what feelings are.

What Are Feelings?

Feelings are always true to how you feel, so they don’t harbor the same power as emotion by any means. 

You can have all sorts of healthy or unhealthy feelings – but your emotions will only come from the unhealthy ones . 

The reason why is that your emotions are based on your beliefs about yourself, others and what’s happening in your life.

So what beliefs cause us to experience feelings? 

Feelings are just signals that your body is sending you to tell you what’s going on within itself – notice that they’re not based on your beliefs at all. 

When you feel stressed, angry, upset or afraid it means that something caused a change in your body and it’s trying to share this information with you.

When we make the conscious choice to focus on negative things and ignore positive emotions, 

we will become emotionally unstable and begin to lose ourselves in our opinions about ourselves and others. 

This will eventually cause us to become depressed, anxious or even psychotic.

When our feelings are unhealthy, this will cause many problems in our lives. 

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