July 16, 2024

FC 24 Goalkeeper Attributes Guide

FC 24 Goalkeeper Attributes Guide

In EA FC 24, each player is assigned a few things called attributes. These player attributes determine the player’s ability to perform a task in the game. A lot of people often disregard these mechanics because it can be tiresome to go through all of the attributes and see their ratings.

It’s actually easier to just grab the player with a higher total rating but if you really want to go advanced in this game, then each tiny bit of information is important.

It is also important to know the roles of these attributes in the game. That is why I bring you this FIFA 24 guide on GoalKeeper Attributes. Now that you know what attributes are and what their purpose is, to understand them much better, I will choose goalkeeper attributes as examples.

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What are the Goalkeeper Attributes in FC 24?

A goalkeeper in FC 24 has 6 attributes. GK Diving, GK Handling, GK Kicking, GK Reflexes, Speed and GK Positioning. Out of these six, five are goalkeeper-exclusive. However, speed is a common attribute for many players; it determines acceleration and sprint speed.

GK Diving

This determines your goalkeeper’s ability to perform a dive. This is what determines your player’s ability to save a ball while diving. This attribute is directly linked to the player’s height stat because more height means more reach. Naturally, a taller player will perform a dive much better.

GK Handling

This attribute determines your goalkeeper’s ability to not only catch the ball but also hold on to it. This is also the attribute that increases the goalkeeper’s chances of actually holding the ball instead of parrying. Parrying is when the goalkeeper saves the ball but doesn’t get a hold of it, and the ball comes back into play.

GK Kicking

This determines how far and how accurately your goalkeeper can kick the ball. I am not talking about a throw here; it’s the goalkeeper’s kick. Be it on the ground or from the hands, this determines the length and precision of your kick.

GK Reflexes

Better reflexes mean better chances of saving the ball. This determines how quickly your player reacts and saves the ball. The attribute name is self-explanatory.

GK Speed

This attribute, by default, determines your ability to perform better in a 1v1 situation.

Acceleration determines the time required for your player to reach their maximum speed, while sprint speed determines their overall maximum speed. These two stats go hand in hand.

GK Positioning

Another self-explanatory attribute. A better position means better chances to save the ball. Not to be confused with the player positioning attribute, this is a GK positioning attribute that determines how your goalkeeper positions and reacts while saving shots and crosses.

These are the six goalkeeper attributes in FUT 24. You can check all of the player attributes by visiting their player profile. I hope you will implement this attribute guide while making your own FC 24 team.

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