April 19, 2024

Five Facts About Steve Zaragoza And Bree That Will Make You Think Twice

Five Facts About Steve Zaragoza And Bree That Will Make You Think Twice

The internet is a wild place. Sometimes you stumble upon something so strange and wonderful, it leaves you wondering how the world has gone so wrong…and then five minutes later, you forget all about it. Kind of like what happened when we found out these five random facts about Steve Zaragoza and Bree.

Believe us, we get it — sometimes when our day is long and tough, the last thing we can handle is reading a blog post that’s heavy on information and light on fun topics. Steve Zaragoza and Bree are just too crazy to comprehend. But we’re here to tell you that if you mess up and don’t read this post, then you’re making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Like, there’s five of them here

Five facts. Two different people. We could’ve divided this post into two separate entries and called it a day, but we didn’t. Because it seems like the internet is too busy to care about good stuff these days. But we aren’t. And to prove it, here are five facts about Steve Zaragoza and Bree that will make you think twice about how you spend your time on the internet. Aren’t you glad that you read this?

1. Steve Zaragoza is friends with Bree from Splatoon .

If there’s one thing that Steve is known for, it’s being a lover of the arts and an avid gamer with a crazy deep-seated interest in all of his favorite games. And if there’s another thing that Steve is known for, it’s this. It had to be done — someone from Blip had to come together with an artist from Nintendo in order to create something beautiful and pure. 

And make no mistake, we asked for their permission to use this picture. We didn’t steal it. We didn’t pretend that it was our own. If you think about it, this is just as much a tribute to Blip art as it’s a tribute to the beautiful woman sitting next to us at Nintendo’s booth during E3 .

2. Bree is a real person .

This one really surprised us. We’re not sure why, but we all just assumed that Bree was some sort of character that came straight out of Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto. She just seemed so perfect and elegant, who could she possibly be? Well, it turns out that Bree is more complex than anyone ever imagined. 

That’s right — Bree has confirmed to the world that she is an actual human being that lives in Toronto with her cat and her dog. She also told us that she goes to Queen’s University to pursue a degree in kinesiology (which Wikipedia tells us is the study of human body movement).

3. Steve has never actually met Bree .

OK, so this one seems pretty obvious. But it turns out that Steve never actually met Bree while they were both in Toronto. They only went to E3 to exchange some fan art, meet the people that run Blip, and take a tour of Nintendo’s booth together. 

After they did all of that, they both went on their separate ways back home to Canada. It just goes to show you that passion can overcome any distance — someday Steve will have a chance to go on a real date with Bree. And who knows? They might even meet up at Nintendo’s E3 booth again before long! Why not dream about it for five minutes?

4. Steve and Bree fell in love over the web .

How cute is this? We’d like to think that Steve and Bree were born to be together, but they were actually born as computer programs. They met online in a forum that’s dedicated to promoting video games and the people who love them. They instantly fell in love without ever meeting in real life. This is even more special because Steve’s a bit of a loner and he doesn’t have that many friends, so it probably took him quite some time to get up the courage to chat with someone as beautiful as Bree for the first time. And what was their first conversation about? Well, it was something that only two people who love each other could talk about — art, of course.

5. Steve is Bree’s first and only boyfriend .

The internet is a big place. It’s so big, that it even has space for people like Steve and Bree, who were fated to meet together but never really get the chance to fall in love. Thankfully for both of them, they found each other online. And now they’re in love. They’re the perfect match made in heaven — two people who found something beautiful online and continued growing that passion throughout their lives. What better way to express this than with these words? “Bree is my first and only boyfriend.

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