June 21, 2024

Guide to install and login to bluemoon software

Guide to install and login to bluemoon software

Bluemoon software supports the installation and login of their products on any Windows operating system. This article provides instructions on how to follow the necessary steps to install bluemoon software, as well as help with logging in.

Bluemoon software has become one of the premier developers of data processing tools for researchers around the world. For decades, research institutes have used their products to control experiments, analyze data, and carry out various tasks related to scientific research. 

Some good examples are Flow cytometry analyzer 2-D gating CMMN v4 for flow cytometry applications or NetStation 8500M Tissue Processor for tissue preparation applications.

However, the process of installing the software is not always straightforward. When first starting out, often users will want to try out their first installation of bluemoon software on a sample. 

If that sample may contain any type of biological material (including gel tracks or fluidic channels), it is best to go through the installation system safely and with some forethought. 

The instructions below are meant to help new users navigate their way through this process.

To install bluemoon software, you must create an installation profile before you install any software. The instructions below explain how to do this on windows operating systems (through Windows 7). However, many versions of Windows can follow these steps as well.

Step1. Download the bluemoon software installation files. 

You can download them here. The download is available in either the ISO image format or the raw image format. The raw image is often smaller but may require more computer resources to read.

Step 2. Prepare your Windows system for bluemoon software installation. 

Before installing any program on your computer, Windows will require you to make some preparations first to make sure that it will function properly afterwards. 

Before starting the installation you should go through the following steps:

  • Click on the “Windows Update” icon on the Windows taskbar and check that your machine is running the latest operating system. You can also download updates through Windows Update.
  • Make sure that you have enough disk space for installing bluemoon software If there isn’t enough disk space, you will be asked to insert an installation media (such as an ISO or CD) or connect it to a hard disk. If there is enough space, select “Next” and follow the instructions presented on-screen.

Step3. Install bluemoon software to your computer.

Finally, the program will ask you to place the installation media in your computer or connect your computer to another hard drive with enough space. 

Once you have done this, click on “OK”. Then wait for the installation to finish. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how much data was in the ISO image that was downloaded.

After installation is complete, select “Close” and then select “Restart” in order for bluemoon software to load up after booting back into the operating system.

Bluemoon software has an easy login procedure when compared to other, more complicated software applications.

Step4. After you have installed bluemoon software you must start the program. 

It is located in the application folder on your desktop 

Right-click on the program and select “Run as Administrator” to open the program. 

Do this for each bluemoon software application that you install on your computer. 

This is required because certain system folders may require administrative privileges to access different folders and programs. 

If your operating system isn’t running with administrative privileges, it will not be able to access the necessary folders (such as “Program Files”) or applications (e.g. Bluemoon Flow Cytometry Analyzer) needed to run the software’s installation.

Step 5. Logged in to bluemoon software you can start using it. 

To do this, you must go through the setup process for this program as described in the article “Bluemoon software”. 

The bluemoon software login process is as follows:

  • The first time that you attempt to login to bluemoon software, you will be prompted to save the bluemoon settings. 

If this happens, please go through the steps as described in the article “Bluemoon software” and make sure that you save your bluemoon settings.

  • After saving your settings, continue with step 3 below.
  • Select the bluemoon software application to which you want to log in. 

You should be presented with two options: “Default Options” and “Specific Settings”.

  • Select “Default Options”. 

A small window will appear and ask you for your username and password. 

Here you should fill in your username and password as described in the article “Bluemoon software” and then click on “OK”. 

  • After this point, the bluemoon software application will load up as normal as if it had been installed normally.
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