April 19, 2024

How to create a fake number for SMS with SMS-man

How to create a fake number for SMS with SMS-man

In the past, it was enough to have an e-mail address to register on Internet sites, but today almost any more or less serious service on the Web will require the confirmation of a cell phone number.

Nevertheless, not every user wants to share personal data on the Internet. Someone needs to have an additional account on social networks, messengers, message boards or dating sites, but it is too expensive to buy a separate SIM card.

A logical question arises – how to create a fake phone number for registration in the desired service for a minimal fee?

How to make a fake number for registration in popular services?

The most economical and affordable way to create a fake number for registration – is to buy a virtual number. There are many online services that provide SMS-activation on various sites.

They provide a temporary online phone number for a small fee to receive SMS, so that you can register on the desired site or application. One such resource is sms-man.ru.

If you do not know how to create a fake phone number to register on various sites, then use the resource sms-man.ru. It gives the opportunity to buy a virtual number for registration in popular and even little-known messengers, social networks, dating sites, delivery services and other sites from just 4 rubles.

Advantages of SMS-activation from SMS-man:

Registration in any service without exception. The site provides virtual numbers for registration at 1,000 different sites. If you do not even find in the list the resource you need, there is a separate section with numbers for registration in all other services.

A large selection of mobile operator countries. Create a fake number to register you can use mobile operators from Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, Canada, Germany – the list of more than 300 mobile operators from around the world.

Automatic service. You can get a number at any time, because SMS-man works in automatic mode. It is possible to receive SMS instantly and without delay.

Payment in convenient currency. You can make a fake number for registration for rubles, dollars or cryptocurrency. A large number of payment systems is available for this on the site.

Full anonymity. No need to specify your passport data and other personal information to buy virtual number.

How to create virtual phone number for registration?

The sms-man.com platform has an intuitive design for maximum ease of use. It’s easy to make a fake number for registration even for a person who never met with similar services.

How to create a fake number using SMS-man

To get a number you need:

1.Go to sms-man.ru and take a simple registration.

2.Make a deposit through a convenient payment system in the appropriate currency.

3.Open main page and select one of the countries for your virtual number.

4.Go down and enter in the search box the name of the service from which you want to receive an SMS. If the desired service is not on the list, then enter “Any other”.

5.Next to the desired service, click “Buy”.

6.After receiving it, enter the fake phone number when registering on the resource you want.

7.View the code you received by clicking on “Get SMS” opposite the purchased number.

SMS-man is the most inexpensive and convenient way to get a number for registration at any service. This way you can get an unlimited number of SMS numbers for mere kopecks.

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