April 19, 2024

How to make money by using YouTube? A complete guide:

How to make money by using YouTube? A complete guide:

Do you know that YouTube is a leading platform and paid more than $30 billion to content creators from 2019-to 2021? However, if you want to build a source of passive income, then you should consider this option. So, these figures prove that it’s not impossible to earn money from YouTube. It is one of those leading platforms empowering millions of businesses, entrepreneurs, and small businesses worldwide. So, to join this global revolution, start focusing on YouTube now. 

Is it late to start a YouTube channel now?

The shortest answer to this question is NO. If you think that YouTube is filled with content creators and you don’t have a place here, then you are wrong. It’s a reality that there are more content creators, but it’s also true that there are more views. So, it means YouTube has been growing over the years and has become one of the most visited websites. If you are just a beginner then you may try to buy YouTube channels to achieve instant growth. However, it’s a good idea if you want to start in 2022. The big channels have an opportunity because they took an early start.

Monetize your YouTube channel: 

YouTube monetizing is one of the most basic and popular ways to earn money. But there is a specific standard that you will have to fulfill for monetization. Simply put, we can say it’s a process of making money online. When you receive views on YouTube videos, then in return, you will get dollars. But there are specific requirements that you will have to fulfill for monetization. Here are the details: 

Have 1000 subscribers
Have at least 4500 watch hours in the last 12 months
Channel must be in a country where YouTube offers services
Create a Google AdSense account and link that with your channel
Try not to get community guidelines to strike on the channel
Abide by the YouTube monetization policy

Apart from this, YouTube checks many other things to verify your account. For instance, they fit the central theme, most viewed video, newest video, and a most significant proportion of watch time. Besides, don’t forget to add metadata, titles, catchy thumbnail, and descriptions. 

How to earn money from YouTube? Profitable ideas:

The growing technology is one of the biggest causes that people can make money digitally. We can take the example of YouTube, which has made many millionaires. Earlier, we discussed the requirements that are necessary before starting to earn. However, after setting up the account, you can earn money in the following ways: 

Join the YouTube partnership program:

You’re mistaken if you think it’s impossible to make money from YouTube. You can quickly join the YouTube partner program to earn revenue through ads. In this method, you can run ads before, after, and between your videos. However, here is the technique if you want to earn from the YouTube partner program: 

There are different monetization methods, and you can use any per your needs. For instance, there are ways of earning money from ad revenue, YouTube premium account, channel membership, and other methods. Apart from this, don’t violate YouTube guidelines; otherwise, the platform will block the account. 

Sell online courses: 

It is another excellent way to earn money using online forms. Don’t hesitate to launch your course if you are good at something. However, YouTube is the best platform because you don’t need eligibility criteria to sell classes here. But there are the following guidelines that you shouldn’t ignore before the course launch: 

  • Consistently publish high-quality content 
  • Establish authority of your knowledge 
  • Use your existing channel for marketing 

Apart from this, start setting up the account when it’s time to launch the course. This way, you can share the landing page link with your Audience on YouTube. It’s not wrong saying that YouTube is the best platform when it comes to marketing. 

Start affiliate marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is another emerging field that has helped many content creators make millions of dollars. In affiliate marketing, you promote someone else’s products and services against a specific commission percentage. However, it has become a popular business method because customers trust the recommendations of their favorite YouTuber. According to research: 

Nine out of ten customers check online reviews before buying an item. Furthermore, 55% of consumers check at least four reviews before buying a product.”

But before starting affiliate marketing, start building your credibility by publishing high-quality content. In this way, people will start trusting your ideas and recommendations. The Amazon affiliate marketing program is good if you are a beginner. Moreover, you can use the best paystub generator to track your earnings correctly. 

Sell merchandise: 

If you have a YouTube channel, there are plenty of ways to earn money. However, selling inventories & products is one of the top ideas. For instance, you can sell Mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, snapbacks, and other things to earn revenue beyond your imagination. Selling products enhances your exposure and puts your online reputation in front of your audience. However, it’s a great way to develop a relationship with your fans. It’s an easy method; for designing, you can use freelancing platforms like Fiverr. 

Earn money from fan funding: 

You can set up a fan-funding account to multiply your income sources. As a content creator, you have a loyal audience. However, you can take advantage of the loyalty by opening a fan-funding account. So, if you offer quality content, your fans can support you on an ongoing basis. We can say fan-funding charges are a different way to engage an audience and receive rewards. Here are the following platforms that you can use for creating fan-funding accounts:

YouTube super chat Channel membership
Patreon Tipeee and buy me a coffee

You can make your donors feel they are getting something exclusive in return for being loyal fans. So, in this way, your fans will feel more invested. 

Other ways to earn money from YouTube: 

Apart from the above methods, there are many ways that you can use to increase income. However, here we are stating some: 

  • License your content with media 
  • Start working as an influencer with brands 
  • Offer channel subscription and membership 
  • Create sponsored content 
  • Review products or services 
  • Work with sponsorship 
  • Sell products with a live stream 

You can adopt any of the above methods to earn money. But the important thing is to understand your audience and make content according to that. Furthermore, don’t overlook the importance of SEO because it plays an essential role in ranking content. If you follow all these suggestions, you will be in an excellent position to earn money.

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