April 14, 2024

Is Gojo Dead?

Gojo Industries is a well-known company that specializes in manufacturing hand hygiene and skin care products. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of hand hygiene has been emphasized like never before. However, there have been rumors circulating about the death of Gojo, leaving many people wondering if this iconic brand is indeed dead. In this article, we will delve into the truth behind these rumors and explore the current state of Gojo Industries.

The Legacy of Gojo Industries

Before we address the rumors, let’s take a moment to appreciate the legacy of Gojo Industries. Founded in 1946 by Jerry and Goldie Lippman, Gojo started as a small family-owned business in Akron, Ohio. The company initially produced a heavy-duty hand cleaner for industrial workers, known as Gojo® Orange. Over the years, Gojo expanded its product line to include hand sanitizers, soaps, and other skin care products.

Gojo’s breakthrough came in 1988 with the introduction of Purell®, a hand sanitizer that revolutionized the way people practiced hand hygiene. Purell quickly gained popularity and became a household name, especially during flu seasons and other outbreaks. Gojo Industries became synonymous with hand hygiene, and its products were trusted by millions around the world.

The Rise of the Rumors

Despite Gojo’s long-standing success, rumors about the company’s demise have been circulating on social media platforms and online forums. These rumors gained traction due to various factors, including:

  • Increased competition: With the surge in demand for hand sanitizers and other hygiene products during the pandemic, numerous new players entered the market. This heightened competition led to speculation about Gojo’s ability to maintain its market share.
  • Supply chain challenges: Like many other companies, Gojo faced supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic. This resulted in occasional shortages of Purell and other products, leading some to believe that the company was struggling.
  • Misinformation: In the age of social media, misinformation spreads rapidly. False claims and baseless rumors can easily gain traction, causing confusion and doubt.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Contrary to the rumors, Gojo Industries is not dead. In fact, the company is alive and thriving. Let’s examine the evidence:

1. Financial Performance

Gojo Industries has consistently demonstrated strong financial performance. According to the company’s annual reports, its revenue has been steadily increasing over the years. In 2020, Gojo reported record sales, driven by the heightened demand for hand sanitizers and other hygiene products during the pandemic.

2. Market Share

Despite increased competition, Gojo continues to maintain a significant market share in the hand hygiene industry. According to a market research report by Grand View Research, Gojo Industries held a market share of approximately 40% in 2020. This indicates that the company remains a dominant player in the industry.

3. Product Innovation

Gojo Industries has a history of innovation, constantly introducing new products to meet evolving customer needs. In recent years, the company has expanded its product line to include touch-free dispensing systems, eco-friendly formulations, and even hand sanitizing wipes. These innovations demonstrate Gojo’s commitment to staying relevant and meeting the changing demands of consumers.

4. Partnerships and Collaborations

Gojo Industries has formed strategic partnerships and collaborations with various organizations to further its mission of promoting hand hygiene. For example, the company has partnered with healthcare institutions, schools, and businesses to implement hand hygiene programs and initiatives. These partnerships highlight Gojo’s active involvement in promoting public health and hygiene.

Q&A: Addressing Common Concerns

Now, let’s address some common concerns and questions that people may have regarding the rumors about Gojo’s demise:

Q1: Is Gojo going out of business?

No, Gojo Industries is not going out of business. The rumors about the company’s demise are unfounded. Gojo continues to operate and thrive in the hand hygiene industry.

Q2: Are Gojo products still available?

Yes, Gojo products, including Purell hand sanitizers, are still available in the market. While occasional supply chain challenges may lead to temporary shortages, Gojo is actively working to meet the increased demand for its products.

Q3: Has Gojo lost its market share?

No, Gojo Industries has not lost its market share. The company remains a dominant player in the hand hygiene industry, holding approximately 40% of the market share.

Q4: Is Gojo still innovating?

Yes, Gojo Industries continues to innovate and introduce new products. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident through its recent product launches, such as touch-free dispensing systems and eco-friendly formulations.

Q5: What is the future outlook for Gojo Industries?

Gojo Industries has a promising future. With the increased focus on hand hygiene and public health, the demand for Gojo’s products is expected to remain strong. The company’s financial performance, market share, and commitment to innovation position it well for continued success.


In conclusion, the rumors about Gojo Industries’ death are nothing more than baseless speculation. The company continues to thrive in the hand hygiene industry, maintaining a significant market share and demonstrating strong financial performance. Gojo’s commitment to innovation and partnerships further solidify its position as a leader in the industry. So, rest assured, Gojo is very much alive and will continue to play a crucial role in promoting hand hygiene and public health.

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