July 15, 2024

Reclassing Mozu into a Archer

Reclassing Mozu into a Archer

This blog post will cover reclassing Mozu and what skills and benefits Archer and Hunter offers 

outside of the Grand Hero Battle Skill Level 4. Please note that Mozu does not come with a 

default class, so she needs to be reclassed before she can be used in skirmishes.

Mozu is a melee unit with decent Atk/Spd, but her main problem is her low Def making her 

susceptible to killlusts like Luna+. Without the passive skill Steady Breath, it’s difficult to keep 

Mozu around for more than one turn without running out of breath.

Mozu has 3 base classes to choose from, Samurai, Spear Fighter and Diviner. Her overall best 

class is Diviner since she already has the Miracle skill which can be passed on through reclassing.

Diviner (Mozu) gives her the skill Future Vision which increases her overall bulk by 5% and HP 

by 1 or 2 depending on her level. Mozu does not come with Mana+ so it is important to inherit 

this skill for her since it is an easy way to stand against mages without running out of breath against them.

Mozu also gets Rally Luck which increases her overall damage output by 5% and heals 

adjacent allies for 5 HP which can trigger Reciprocal Aid.

Miserable Mist is another skill that you can inherit since Mozu does not come with this skill at all, 

it gives the unit an additional chance to proc their passive skills like Melee or Steady Breath.

Mozu has one promotion option at Level 15, that promotion is Archer. It gives her the skill 

Shurikenbreaker which allows her to counterattack shurikens, kunais and daggers back at the enemy unit.

Her final skill level will be Archer which gives her the skill Armor March which increases her 

Atk/Spd by 5%. If you are looking to use Mozu as a tank, then this is Mozu’s best option.

Spear Fighter (Mozu) offers her the Iron Bow E skill at Level 5 which allows her to counterattack 

any bow or crossbow attacks back at the enemy unit. This can be an advantage if you are trying to use Mozu as a tank against bows and crossbows.

Spear Fighter also offers Hone/Fortify between Levels 10-15 which increases her Atk by 2 at 

Level 10 but greatly increases this stat at Level 15 where it can go up to 14. This is her best option skill wise.

From my testing, I believe that the choice of reclassing Mozu is entirely background dependent 

on how you intend to use her. For example, I found it more useful to use Spear Fighter on Mozu 

due to the higher Hone/Fortify stat at Level 15. I used Samurai on her base class and it did work but the Atk stat wasn’t too good.

Promoted Classes: Archer (Mozu) or Samurai (Mozu)

Notable Inherited Skills: Steady Breath (Archer), Rally Luck (Samurai), Hone/Fortify (Archer).

Tactics: Her speed is the only thing that you need to worry about, she is a strong combatant 

against archers and if you want her to be tanky then go with Samurai.

—– [Muno’s Thoughts]

You make a good point on Mozu’s needing Steady Breath if you intend to use her as a bow 

user. The issue with Steady Breath is that it only activates once a day and it requires Mozu to be 

in the front row, making her an easy target for Mages and Bows at any given time. Since Mozu 

is more of a tank character, having Steady Breath essentially gives her permanent access to the 

Heal skill.

That said, I do believe that it’s better to be able to counterback attacks, whether it be on 

defeating a bow or crossbow user or an archer on your own team. 

Mozu is one of the strongest archers you can get on this game and she does far more than just 

focus on bows and crossbows. Her ability to counter attack allows her to stay longer and 

potentially kills more enemies than just retaliating back at those that attack her with bows and 

crossbows. when to reclass mozu

—– [Laura’s Thoughts]

So this is a tough one.  It’s a very strong class to have, but Mozu doesn’t really need it. This is 

mainly because the 3% Hone/Fortify is very easy to attain through her base classes and the fact 

that she has Rally Luck as well as Steady Breath from her already recruited unit, which can 

activate multiple times if needed, making it useless to give her the Archer skill level. Thus, 

Samurai Mozu is better for her since she can gain more of that 3% Hone/Fortify from 

spear-fishing and still have access to Rally Luck on top of gaining access to a weaker skill 

compared to Archer Mozu.

Since she’s a tank, it doesn’t matter if she’s the first to attack enemies, as long as she can 

survive until the next turn and dish out some nice damage with her base speed and stats.

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