July 15, 2024

Regal Gallatin Valley Movie Times – Bozeman

Regal Gallatin Valley Movie Times – Bozeman

Regal Gallatin Valley Movie Times is a database of the latest and greatest films in theaters and on TV. Every time you need to find a movie, be it at home or in the theater, we have the most current information available to help you make an informed decision about what’s playing where.

Our database is updated hourly from movie theater websites and TV listings from Comcast, Dish Network, Verizon FiOS, Cablevision, Cox Cable. All information is available to you at your computer or on your mobile phone.

If you’re a fan of a certain actor or director or a fan of a particular genre, we have features that let you filter the movies shown by those characteristics. 

If you know who you want to see in a movie, we can help you search for their name and find which movies they’re in.

If you’d like to watch movies on your TV at home – rather than go out to the theater – we can help with that too. 

Find out where your favorite movie is playing on TV, whether it’s a movie that’s already been released, or if you’d rather watch a TV show instead.

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No matter what you’re looking for – be it at home on your TV or on the big screen at the local theater near Bozeman – Regal Gallatin Valley Movie Times has you covered.

The bozeman movies times is your source for showtimes and movie times near Bozeman, MT.

Here are some points about regal gallatin valley movie times:-

1. Regal Gallatin Valley 16 is located on the south side of South Broadway.

It is located between West Third and Western Avenues. The theater complex has six screens. The Address is 1307 South Broadway, Bozeman, Montana 59715. It’s on the south side of South Broadway. 

The theaters also feature a new location/ post theater bar called ‘Grazers’, with food and drinks to enjoy the moment after a movie is over. All this was recently renovated in a very tasteful way!

2. The theaters were built by the late John Arlitt.

John Arlitt opened it in 1998 after years of planning and construction that began in 1995. It is located on the former site of a movie theater and bowling alley called the “Ritz.” 

The entire theater complex has an Art Deco, Spanish Renaissance theme and is accented with classic latticework and gilded scrollwork.

3. Regal Gallatin Valley 16 has a public transit stop in front or behind the theater.

It is also close to bus stops for Greyhound and Trailways Intercity Buses at the northeast corner of West Sixth Avenue and South Oakes Street. 

There is parking for both cars and van accessible passenger vans in front of the theater along Broadway.

4. Regal Gallatin Valley 16 is a non-smoking theater. 

Smoking is permissible in the lobby and balcony areas only, and only if it does not interfere with other patrons’s enjoyment of the movie or other aspects of the theater. 

The only exception is the VIP lounge, where smoking is permitted at any time. 

All concession stands are open to all patrons. Patrons can purchase food and beverages in the lobby or at the concession stand located on the balcony.

5. The theater has recently installed an IMAX screen.

It is available only with Regal’s new premium seating plan. Regal Gallatin Valley 16 offers “premium seating” in IMAX for $10 more per ticket than standard seating, and it is only available for that theater (not all theaters offer this option). 

It also offers premium seating in 3-D, which is $2 more than standard seating, but not offered at all theaters. 

6. There are two new theatres on the second level.

On this level there are two entirely new theaters which were created from what used to be part of the bowling alley upstairs in the original Ritz complex.

  • The lobby of the main theater has been redecorated and is now a bit darker than it used to be. 
  • New carpeting and elegant lobby furniture have been installed. 
  • A new video arcade, ticket windows and multiple concession stands have also been added to this theater. 
  • The large new stairway in the lobby leads to a balcony level. 

“Regal Gallatin Valley 12” is a theater in Bozeman, MT. Find show times and film listings for Regal Gallatin Valley 12 – Bozeman.

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