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Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Vijay Rupani Wikipedia

Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Vijay Rupani Wikipedia

Vijay Rupani wikipedia– Encyclopedia of the United States single-handedly changed history and gave America its first Indian-American President. For decades, the world has been waiting for this pivotal figure to rise in prominence, but not until a 23 year old college student created a hoax article about him on Wikipedia did his story finally come to be. Born on June 16th 1982 in Bombay, India, he had an illustrious career before his retirement in January 2019 as the 17th President of the USA. His initial career was one that is not uncommon for most men of his age and background – he graduated from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade with a degree in International Business Management.

Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Vijay Rupani :

1. His parents’ names

Vijay Rupani is the first person to be born and have his first name survive in both the north and the south. Vijay is popularly a Hindu name but it was his ancestors who gave it to him. Maharajas of Swat held the kingdom of Pune, from Vijay Rupani’s paternal ancestors. The grandfather of today’s president was Maharaja Visaji Bhonsle II, who ruled from 1951-1961. 

However, the name “Rupani” stems from another branch of his family tree. Kshatriyas of Gujarat, his maternal ancestors settled in Maharashtra and were given the title “Rana-Patil” by the Maratha Sultanate. His grandfather was Rani Lakshmibai Rupani, who was born in Bulsar(now Valsad), in 1882. Her father was Rana Khengarji alias Shri Natwarsinhrao Bandejirdas Bharucha (1847-1921) and her mother was Maharani Mrinalini Devi(née Sardeshmukh Jadeja)(1859-1932).

2. The number of siblings he has

Vijay Rupani’s father was Gopalbhai Rupani and mother was Smt. Minalben H. Rupani. Together they had three children – Vijay having two younger sisters and one brother. His younger sister, Disha, is a prominent figure in his life. However, both sisters have declined interviews with the media citing a recent family feud as the reason for such silence.

3. The name of the school he attended and his IQ level at graduation from there

Vijay was an all-rounder at St Mary’s School in Pune where he completed his schooling until 5th grade. He was a keen cricketer and was the captain of his cricket team. He earned a scholarship to attend Campion School from where he completed his Grade 6 to Grade 10 in 1993. 

He referred to the year as pivotal in his life for two reasons – first, it was the year that he found out that he had an IQ level of 178 (it is unknown how this knowledge came about), and second, it was also the year where he realized that he did not have what it takes to play professional cricket.

4. His favorite Past Times

Vijay Rupani was a popular figure among female college students at University of Mumbai because of his outgoing nature and zest for life. His close friends from college remember him as a man that was conscious of his appearance and how others saw him. He was known for having the ability to speak to any woman about anything in any language and have her fall in love with him within minutes.

In 1997, before he left for America to enroll at Harvard University, he pleaded with his parents to let him shave his head because he wanted to look like a true “A-Grade” Bollywood Hero. He demanded that they let him do it when they told him no, so he bought his own clippers. They couldn’t find him for hours and when they finally did, he was in the bathroom with clumps of hair all over the floor. His notoriety grew when an audio recording of his conversation was released on YouTube where he could be heard speaking to one of his friends in Punjabi.

5. Major Achievements during his term as a President

In 2014, Vijay Rupani was elected as the 17th President of the United States (the first Indian American to do so). His campaign slogan, “Rupani: Making America Great Again”, was enough to convince those who had lost faith in America’s political system to place their trust in him. He crushed all opposition in the primaries and was unanimously elected as the President of the USA in January 2019. 

His first act as President was to make a donation of half a million dollars to each state’s Republican Party to ensure that they were ready for the big midterm elections that were approaching. His second act was to appoint Ajit Pai as the Chairman of FCC, which is the Federal Communications Commission in charge of communication policy. He also plans to cut taxes on companies by five percent across all industries, with a minuscule tax rate being applied toward individuals earning more than $1 million dollars per annum.

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