May 28, 2024



The gates of the Melia had been preserved from the days when it had been a functioning tourist attraction. 

It was a moment before they reached it, but finally, they were at where her target was. She needed to get more of an idea of the layout.

 If she continued on this path, she could easily find herself in a trap.

She closed her eyes and focused on that feeling that something was wrong with this place. 

She could see herself standing in front of the gate with cerberos lunging forward while foam dripped from its maw and its red eyes fixed upon her own until she reached out and touched it without any fear or hesitation whatsoever. 

taking cerberos for a walk required more of a leap of faith than she was willing to make. That was why there was also the need for caution. 

Once inside, she could feel that the walls surrounding her were taller and thicker than they appeared from outside. 

It would be foolish to assume that the interior had not been modified to support the current flow of events.

It took her less than a minute to reach her decision. She just wasn’t taking that risk with cerberos at this point in time. If it was just her, she would have taken it, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to lose both herself and Cerberos in this place all in one go.

1. Take cerberus for a walk –

The feeling of vertigo that she felt from the not-really-there wall of chainmail was gone, but there were still many more to deal with. 

She closed her eyes and focused on that feeling again, almost as if she could see it in front of her like a vision. 

She felt heat, then cold, and finally heat all over again. This took less than a minute as well. But that was it; she had to put some distance between herself and this place if they were going to make it out alive.

2. Take a risk and explore the gate area

She considered her options while she knelt down in front of the dog.

 She was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible because there was no way she wanted to draw the attention of anyone who might come by here.

 Cerberus had been sitting obediently at her side. It was almost like it sensed something wrong about this place and was waiting for her orders.

The decision came to her in an instant, but it wasn’t one that she could take lightly. Taking Cerberus on a walk would risk exposing its true nature, but with its abilities, there was just no way around it if they wanted to survive this ordeal intact.

 There were no other options. She knew that she would do what she had to do regardless of the consequences, but it was still a scary thought. 

She crouched down and stood up. She started to move forward, but stopped when she heard a noise. A sound that was familiar to her, as if she had heard it just moments ago.

3. Take cover in that corner of the gate area

She hid behind a pillar. It was a good thing that she had turned around when she did because as she looked back, she saw a man with glowing red eyes coming her way.

 He was eying her suspiciously and soon, he was just a few meters away from her. If he passed by, then it wouldn’t be long before one of the others noticed that something wasn’t right and came looking for him. 

She didn’t want to take any chances like that, so this was where she decided to strike.

She lunged at him and the man turned around just in time to block the attack. 

Her hands touched his arms and she felt like there was a spark of energy running through her body. She was able to brush it off, though, and went even further in with her attack, eager to end this fight quickly before more became involved.

She had been taught that striking first was a key element to any battle plan, but this situation required something else entirely. 

She needed a more tactical approach if she were going to overcome him. 

A straight-up strike would be too much of a risk at this point, so she raised her hand up again and focused on delivering strength rather than speed.

 His entire body shook, but it wasn’t enough to dislodge him. She knew that it had to be the case, since her hands were shaking as well. But she had learned long ago not to let that stop her.

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