June 24, 2024

The three practical advantages of opting in for a short domain name for your company

The three practical advantages of opting in for a short domain name for your company

The domain name you will select for your business is highly precious and has immense value for getting recognized in your industry vertical. Several people would believe that having a short domain name has its advantages. 

Are you planning to start a business? Do you want to have an online presence? If yes, then you need to think of the domain name. And in this article, we will focus on the benefits of short domain names. It will help you to arrive at an informed decision. 

The advantages of having a short domain name

  1. Remembering it is easy

It’s true that, regardless of the domain name that you select, it is easy to recall for you. If you have a short domain name, it’s easier to identify. However, the task is to make the prospects and audience remember the domain name as well. 

Hence, when your target audience can’t recall your services or products, they won’t be able to remember the domain or brand name. Chances are they won’t get impacted by the ads. Also, when people hear about your company or business first, they must remember the name. And if they wish to learn about your services, chances are they will type in your domain name in the search engines to look for a landing page, your website, and want to browse through your social media pages. In case they find it challenging to recall, they might have significantly less scope for your website. 

  1. It is much easier to convey

It’s much easier to convey short domain names. For instance, you might have just started your business and come across an old friend. Here your friend will ask you the spelling of the name and how it gets spelled. The chances are that you would want to share about your business and its name. So, if you select a lengthy domain name, it might become long and complex. 

Hence, if you select a short and simple domain name, everything becomes very easy for you. It becomes easier to convey it to your colleagues, friends, and peers. And when you have a domain name that is easy to convey, the return on advertising costs will be quicker as well. 

  1. It can go viral easily

When you come up with marketing content that your audience likes, they would want to share all your posts and ads with their peers and friends, more so on social media. However, they should understand and recall the domain and brand name if they have to do that. Hence, when you opt-in for a short name, your followers will find it simple and fun to say the name and share all your advertisements. Therefore, a branded short domain has a higher chance of getting your brand’s marketing content to go viral. To word it differently, the scope to go viral is of the best advantages of opting in for a short domain name. 

Now that you know the benefits, it’s essential to opt-in for a short domain name and allow your business to gain the much-required visibility. 

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