April 15, 2024

To Be A Winner, Change Your Relationship Philosophy Now!

To Be A Winner, Change Your Relationship Philosophy Now!

Most of us live in a world where everyone is trying to win. So, if you don’t “win”, it’s because you’re not trying hard enough. 

But who wins and who doesn’t? Who are the winners? And if winning is only about striving harder, what does that say about losers?

In this article, we’ll explore how to find your personal winning philosophy and beat these harsh societal expectations by changing your relationship with yourself.

It all starts by finding out what’s holding you back from being the person you want to be. It may seem daunting but take a few minutes for self-reflection on why it is that you have built up these barriers against yourself.

What matters most to you? Are your priorities in alignment with your personal winning philosophy?

Sometimes it’s only a matter of changing this one little thing. Your personal philosophy is really the framework for which you live your life and use as a standard for judging everyone else. 

It might be this attitude: “Whatever I want to do, I’ll do it, no matter what anyone else says.” Or, “I’ll win, I’m entitled to win.” 

Or perhaps, “It’s okay if I lose.” You probably know someone who has all of these attitudes. They are the people who lose because they are so focused on winning that they let life’s other people, circumstances, and events affect them too much.

When you change your personal philosophy and you take back control of your life, you win. 

When someone wins, it is a blow to those who don’t. From the book “Winning: The Secret to Getting What You Want” by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer: 

“When we can quit thinking what others want from us, we win. And when we win we feel good – because winning is fun.” (p. 101)

You are the winner if you are firm in your belief that you can make decisions for yourself without having to answer to what another person or circumstance is doing. 

You have to decide for yourself what direction you want to go, when and how much effort to put into it, and what quality of life is worth pursuing. 

Winning means “You’re in control.” You get to choose for yourself. In fact, you get to decide who wins and who doesn’t – the winners and the losers.

Let’s consider some examples of different winning philosophies:

 I’ll do anything I can do to win.

 I’ll cheat, misrepresent, manipulate and/or use others to get what I want and I don’t care if anyone gets hurt in the process. 

Winners are always selfish and only interested in how winning makes them feel, never about how not winning makes others feel.

My goal is to find a loving partner for myself. If I have to hurt other people or go against others’ wishes in order to get this person, then so be it! Winners are out to get number one – no matter what they have to do or who they have to hurt along the way.

 “Life’s not fair. So I’m not going to take anything for granted and be content with life being unfair.

 I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want.” Winners naturally become very competitive. They automatically strive for more and more, no matter who gets hurt.

 “I’ll only be happy if everyone around me is happy.” Winners aren’t concerned about the happiness of others – 

they only care about themselves and how winning makes them feel.

 “I’m going to conquer the world by manipulating others and controlling them.” Winners always want to control other people and make them do what they want. 

They believe there is never enough, they create deficits in their life due to their desire to have more.

 “I’ll go get what I want, whether I work for it or not.” 

Winners are convinced that they can get the things they want without making any effort – by borrowing money, spending other people’s money, or getting others to do their bidding for them.

Winners always expect people and circumstances to give them what they want.https://loveshayarii.com/

Winning is winning! When you win it feels good. And when someone else wins, it hurts you and others who don’t win just as much as if you had won.

What strategy do you typically use to win? How do you want to change your winning philosophy? 

Consider the following areas:

– Your personal health 

– Your financial situation 

– Your relationships with others 

– How much time you spend with others and on yourself 

– The quality of your life

 – The overall quality of life for those around you

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