June 21, 2024

Top 7 Higher Education Marketing Strategies

Top 7 Higher Education Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the sphere that needs much attention, especially when you run a business and want to make it stand over others on the market. 

With the professional help of AdvancedWriters.com and Joan Young, a marketing essay writer at the company, we will explore seven marketing strategies in this article for more references.

In the next few paragraphs, we will show you seven basic strategies to market education in 2021.

1. Get a platform to reach out to target audience

Social media is a good platform for this. According to the records, there are over three million people that make use of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are the most popular social media networks among millennials. Social media outlets have evolved in every way possible since their inception, and they now provide a plethora of new methods to use in higher education marketing. Whatever social media channel you choose to use, your objective should always be the same: create real connections with your intended audience by offering engaging content. Creating a social media marketing persona that represents your intended audience is beneficial. Age, gender, education, issues, and personal values should all be considered. Constantly retain your social media persona in mind while deciding what content to share, but don’t be afraid to expand out.

2. Consider SEO marketing a top priority to improve exposure

Higher education institutions that concentrate on search engine optimization (SEO) marketing can increase their visibility and positions in key search engines. Because so many people perform their research on big search engines such as Google, established SEO tactics can help with higher education advertising and marketing. Search engine marketing can provide considerably more useful insights than standard higher education promotion and marketing strategies. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent example in this arena.

3. Invest in digital promotion as part of your marketing strategy

Because digital marketing can be a particularly successful way of marketing education services, global digital advertising spending is expected to reach over $375 billion by 2021. The major advantage that digital advertising has over traditional advertising is precision targeting which is based on demographics, intent, habits, etc. For instance, a higher education marketing firm can focus solely on grad students who live in a particular geographical area and have previously demonstrated interest in a particular product or service. The click-through rate of advertising campaigns, as well as all other important metrics, might benefit greatly from such targeting.

4. Make a smartphone website with a homepage that’s optimized.

It has been numerous years ever since the number of individuals using mobile devices to access the internet surpassed the number of people using desktop and laptop computers. The number of smartphone users is expected to increase to 2.87 billion by 2020, which implies that no education marketer can afford not to have a smartphone website with an optimized homepage. A website must look and feel fantastic on mobile devices to be considered mobile-friendly, which means all links and navigation elements must be readily clickable, the site must be accessible, and page loading times should not exceed three seconds.

5. Participate in mission-oriented campaigns and messaging

Consumers are making judgments based on an organization’s fundamental mission and values more than ever before. Selling potential clients on the basis of product, service, or pricing is no longer sufficient. Higher education institutions should ensure that their branding and marketing initiatives reflect a credible story in order to sustain a strong client base in this day and age. The mission and ideals of a higher education institution should be front and center in this setting. Nonprofit activities and social justice initiatives should be highlighted in marketing efforts. The messaging of an organization should represent a varied and inclusive culture. Higher education institutions must be responsive to the distinct requirements of professors, employees, students, and parents above all else.

6. Safety should be promoted

Talking about the advantages of security and comfort of learning from home is a successful marketing strategy in the education sphere. Make sure your audience understands the advantages of incorporating your service into their educational plans, as well as how it helps student or family safety. Distance learning websites and apps are ideally positioned to capitalize on the trend and succeed in 2021, but even traditional educational institutions can join in by advertising their home-based possibilities when marketing their education offers. The further you focus on providing outstanding virtual teaching options for students, the more likely you are to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s critical to create educational applications, especially if you don’t already have any so that you can take advantage of the benefits and conveniences of becoming able to obtain your content and courses from anywhere with a mobile phone

7. Make video content that is engaging

It’s simple to see why an increasing number of marketers claim that streaming video provides a high return on investment. Based on the most recent findings by HubSpot, about seventy-eight percent of social media viewers view web videos at least once a week, and 55 percent view them daily. By developing and sharing compelling video content, you may reach many potential viewers. Education marketing professionals don’t have to search far for content ideas because instructional material is one of the most popular types of video content. What they do is convert what they intend to share into funny videos and share them on sites like YouTube and TikTok. For instructional marketing, use educational video material.


You should have no trouble efficiently promoting your educational products or services to students of all ages if you follow the seven education marketing tactics outlined in this article. As part of their educational marketing strategy, well-rounded methods for marketing education programs will use most or all of these tactics. Safe learning in marketing content could enhance school marketing initiatives. We also gain with the introduction of educational websites and applications, as opposed to the on-sight schooling method. If you’re still intimidated by educational marketing or simply want to avoid making a potentially costly error, you can always rely on educational marketing services to make your offering stand out with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.

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