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Tumblr Night Blogging’s Best Meme

Tumblr Night Blogging’s Best Meme

If you’re a regular Tumblr user, chances are good that you’ve seen this meme: 

The intention is to mimic the “”Message Received”” text bubble from The Simpsons, 

the text in the upper left changing “tumblr” to something else every day. If you checked “”Tumblr Night Blogging’s Best Meme””, 

you’d see the full list of entries and options (over 1,000 at this time). And if you don’t like it? 

Don’t worry: Instagram has a similar entry.

The meme was by no means a new concept: the “Message Received” meme has been going strong since at least 2012 , 

and even before that. Indeed, it appears to have taken off in 2013 , quickly becoming a popular meme.

 In fact, the earliest example I could find was from August 24, 2013 .

I would say that the Tumblr version is fairly well-recognized as a novelty. 

But what about its origin? Did it come from another social network? Or is it really just an excuse to post silly memes? 

To find out, I asked Tumblr user Onsugo Onsugo a simple question: “”who invented this?”” Their answer was surprising: “”.

Wait, what? I thought this was a Tumblr meme! Well, it turns out that the original “”Message Received””

 meme came from an XKCD strip released on June 19, 2010 . This seems to have inspired the 

similar “Message Sent” version posted on September 30, 2011 . And finally, there was 

a “”Message Sent – No Longer Gets Message” version posted on March 27, 2013 ,

 which has since become the most popular way to post this particular type of meme.

So how did it spread across social networks? Onsugo Onsugo suspects that it originated on 

Reddit with a thread posted to /r/blackpeopletwitter  on January 2, 2015. But as far as I can tell, the Tumblr users were the first to come up with this particular meme.

So if you’re going to use it, remember: no one knows who started it, and completely unrelated memes can both end up here. That’s sarcasm if you didn’t know.


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I am an ardent fan of historical fiction novels. As a teenager I had a special fondness for those from the Victorian period, 

though I have since broadened my interests to include those from the George R R Martin eras of High Fantasy and Steampunk

My bookshelves are filled with fantastic tales of adventure, intrigue, bravery and betrayal.

During my tenure as both a student and an employee at several libraries 

I have come to appreciate the value of historical fiction novels in fostering an appreciation for history among readers. 

Students who read historical fiction are more likely to be interested in learning about the actual history behind the novel

 they have just read. I can remember many times when young people would tell me that 

the subject matter of the book they were reading was something they had no interest in but that it had engaged their interest after reading it.

There are some who believe that reading fiction is not worth one’s time because there are other more important things for them to be doing.

 I hope that readers of historical fiction will disagree with this assertion and view it as an activity 

that can foster an appreciation for history and the past. I think we all know people who would not be particularly interested in board games, 

video games or even reading a novel, but will engage with the material if given the opportunity. 

By having them engage with historical fiction we can open up their minds and teach them about our past and influence their views and attitudes towards our society today.

Perhaps by reading historical fiction your interest in history will continue to grow. The effort should be well worth it. best of tumblr night blogging

Enjoy the reading!

“Thirty-eight years ago today…” Just an FYI for anyone who might be following the blog. We started this blog on May 25, 1995.

 So that’s almost 20 years in the making. Hope you’ve enjoyed our little oasis in cyberspace! Enjoy, Tom & Kathy

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I was born 11/24/1957. I grew up in a small town in California called Fagliestina. My father was a 

small businessman who owned a deli and a liquor store. I grew up riding horses, swimming, skateboarding,

 and playing baseball with my friends. I was the only child of the local sheriff at the time… 

who spent most of his time on motorcycles. I was an only child who enjoyed being alone, 

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