April 19, 2024

Warframe Weapon Tier List – Best and Worst Weapons 2021

Warframe Weapon Tier List – Best and Worst Weapons 2021

Warframe is a massive online-only third-person shooter developed by Digital Extremes and published by Square Enix. 

The game pits players against enemies in an ever-evolving war for galactic domination. Warframes are customizable suits of armor that consist of a base suit, weapons and mods, and an Archwing which the player can enter when they are near a portal on the map.

This guide will help you decide what weapon is best for your playstyle based on their performance in different combat scenarios, so you can spend less time trying to figure out which equipment is going to be worth your time in battle and more time bashing heads in the warzone.

warframe weapon tiers  List :

1. Excalibur :

The Excalibur’s primary fire offers a massive speed buff. It is the perfect weapon for sprinting headlong into an enemy group and closing the distance by firing off three consecutive shots. 

The weapon also boasts one of the most efficient spread patterns in the game, making it an excellent choice for low-damage long-range weapons like sniper rifles, or for any situation you might find yourself in where you need to get as much space as possible between you and your target.

The Excalibur’s secondary fires are also very strong, with a high rate of fire that makes it very effective at dealing with crowds of enemies.

 The secondary fire puts a mark on enemies which increases the Excalibur’s rate of fire by 25%, making it a great choice for any situation where you can’t stand to waste your most valuable resource.

2. Loki :

The Loki is one of the rare weapons in Warframe that has a primary fire that doesn’t involve firing something at your opponent. 

The weapon is capable of countering projectiles, making it highly worthwhile to equip on anything with ranged attacks, or anyone who relies heavily on incoming melee damage.

The Loki is also an exceptional choice for assassination missions and other combat scenarios where you need to take out multiple targets at once, as it boasts a high rate of fire with a very low recoil allowing you to squeeze off more shots than you would expect.

 The weapon is also very effective when used against group enemies, as it lowers their armor by 20%, making them very vulnerable if they are around 3 or more people.

3. Mesa :

The Mesa has by far the best dual ballistic weapons in Warframe, consisting of two primary fire that make up its damage.

 The secondary fire has a small AoE blast that deals plasma damage over time, and no equipment mods can mitigate this damage further.

 The weapon is also the only one that can equip the incredibly useful and rare Crushing Blow mod, which causes the secondary fire to deal a massive amount of armor ignoring damage.

While it might seem tempting to use this weapon as an artillery piece, it really shines when you use it to deal with enemies that are too close to use your primary or don’t have a large amount of HP, which makes it a great choice for combat missions in general, assassination missions or other situations where you need to eliminate enemies quickly.

4. Chroma :

The Chroma boasts both the largest magazine size and highest rate of fire among all warframe weapons.

 Its primary fire is extremely accurate at range and can be used with a high-capacity magazine to take down entire teams of enemies before they have a chance to retaliate.

The weapon’s secondary fire causes the Chroma to spin quickly in place, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. 

Enemies killed while the secondary fire is being used will have their bodies explode, causing additional damage to nearby enemies. 

While it might seem tempting to use the weapon at long range, this is only recommended if your aim is impeccable and your situation allows you time to make those shots count.

5. Valkyr :

The Valkyr has the highest critical chance of all warframe weapons, allowing it to kill enemies much more quickly than anything else in its class.

 The primary fire is a quick slash that deals massive damage, as well as knocking enemies away and dealing extra damage to nearby enemies after a short delay.

The secondary fire on the weapon sends Valkyr into a murderous rage, giving her access to a powerful combo attack that allows her to dominate any close-quarters fight she finds herself in. 

The best part about this ability is that it allows Valkyr to ignore most crowd control effects, which makes her far less vulnerable when facing large groups of tough enemies.

6. Rhino :

The Rhino is a massive and well-rounded weapon that makes it a good choice for any situation. 

The primary fire deals extremely high damage while having rapid fire, while the secondary fires are powerful AoE attacks that can deal damage to groups of enemies. 

Both of the weapons’ attacks have a very small projectile arc, making them incredibly accurate despite their wide spread, making them perfect for any situation where you need to kill large numbers of enemies quickly.

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