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Which item serves as the mascot for Pixar animation studios?

Which item serves as the mascot for Pixar animation studios?

Pixar Animation Studios is an American computer animation film producer, located in Emeryville, California, which was founded on January 30th, 1986. The mascot of Pixar Animation Studios is Woody from the 1995 movie Toy Story.

We all know Pixar for their iconic films like Finding Nemo and Wall-E. What’s something that most people don’t know about them? They have their own mascot! His name is Woody and he originated in the 1995 film Toy Story. 

He was originally created as a pull-string cowboy doll made by Andy Davis on his mother’s suggestion to give to his son Ken. 

After she had tucked him into his bed, Andy would tell him stories of how he had travelled around the world. 

Here is the answer for, which item serves as the mascot for pixar animation studios?

When Woody was first modeled, Andy was still an animator at Disney, but he wanted to make sure that Woody wouldn’t become the typical animated figure. He chose to model him as a cowboy instead of making him look like any character from Disney Studios’s past hits. 

A year later, Woody made another appearance in Toy Story 2 where he is rescued from being thrown out with the trash by Stinky Pete.

Here are some points about item serves as the mascot for Pixar animation studios-

1. Woody is originally based on a pull-string cowboy doll.

It is based on a pull-string cowboy doll which was an old toy Andy had as a kid.  He also had a talking Mr. Potato Head and a dinosaur whose eyes lit up. 

The character of Woody was originally created to be a cowboy, but later, after being re-designed by some Disney artists, he became an anthropomorphic cowboy based on E.T. ‘s ranch hand named Elliott.

2. He’s not very good at fighting and has bad aim.

Andy says stuff like “Woody is not very good at fighting, and has bad aim.” It’s true, Woody can’t shoot straight with his guns, he doesn’t fight well with the others, and the only thing he’s good at is organizing his troops.

3. The catchphrase “To infinity and beyond!” 

It was added as a tribute to Buzz Lightyear’s quote from Toy Story. In Toy Story, Buzz says, “To infinity and beyond!” for the first time just before he blasts off in the spaceship. 

In Toy Story 2, this line shows up again after Woody is put in his case and gets blown by a car exhaust into a yard sale. This is a tribute to that line since Buzz doesn’t appear in that movie.

4.”Woody” is not his name, it’s actually “Whit”.  

The reason his boot reads “W. Davis” is because his name was originally supposed to be “Whit. Whitley” but it was later changed to just “Woody”. 

His name was originally supposed to be “Woody” but it was changed because Woody was originally going to be a dinosaur like Don. He is named after his creator, Andy Davis.

5. He has a lot of cowboy toys.

Woody’s toys are based on other western-themed toys such as the Plasmoids from the movie The Adventures of Androids, Woody’s Roundup TV show and Western film titles like:

 “The Man who shot Liberty Valance,” and “Shane,” and Western books like: “Tex,” and “Zorro.

6. He is the main character of Toy Story.

Woody is the main character, and it’s true others do come and go throughout Toy Story, but Woody always returns to Andy’s room and saves his life every time!

7. He is very protective of his owner and his friends. 

Woody can protect and take care of Andy even though he has no idea how to tell time or use a pencil properly. 

This shows that he really cares about Andy and that they’re friends.  He also  helps Buzz Lightyear save the day at the end of Toy Story by showing him how to fly back into Andy’s room.

8. At the end of Toy Story 2, he is put into storage.

At the end of Toy Story 2 at Sunnyside Daycare, Woody’s arm falls off and Andy’s mom puts him into storage instead of buying Buzz Lightyear because she was planning on getting him for Christmas anyway. 

This makes Woody sad so Buzz goes out to save him.

9. He lost his hat in Toy Story 3, but he still looks cool without it!

Woody’s hat is important to him because it reminds him that he is protecting something special; his friends. 

Woody needs his hat because it reminds him of his past and of his history. When Woody loses his hat in Toy Story 3, he still looks cool, even though he doesn’t have it on.

10. He also appears in “Toy Story Of Terror!”

Woody is seen watching the movie “”Toy Story” and then the screen goes black and we hear Woody screaming and we can’t see what he’s doing but we hear Andy saying “Woody we don’t need you anymore we’re gonna take out that window”.  

At the end, Woody shows up at Bonnie’s house to give her a surprise birthday party.

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