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Who is the mayor of Lannach

Who is the mayor of Lannach

Lannach is a small town in Invercargill, New Zealand. There are two mayors in Lannach, but one of them is the mayor because he lives there. 

You can ask people from Lannach which mayor is the mayor but it depends on who you ask and what they say even if this person’s answer may be truthful. 

This blog post will tell you who the real mayor of lannach is and also list some other things about the town.

The mayor of Lannach is like a king and it’s like an imaginary position.

The mayor of lannach isn’t real as the other worlds as there are no people in lannach, just one person called Kim Logan who lives in Lannach and is the mayor, but he doesn’t consider himself the real mayor of lannach. 

He thinks it’s an imaginary title he doesn’t want to take seriously because the citizens of this country are imaginary.

Kim Logan is in reality the Mayor of Lannach and he lives in lannach.

Kim Logan also likes to be called the mayor of lannach and many people in lannach call him this way because it appears less impersonal. 

For instance, Richard Friesland calls him his good friend and Richard thinks that everything is okay in Lannach. Richard is from Invercargill and he isn’t sure about the mayor of Lannach.

The real mayor of Lannach doesn’t like living there.

There is no real mayor of Lannach because there are no buildings in Lannach like other towns, no pubs, no people, nothing like that, except for one house- Kim Logan’s house that is very small compared to other houses in lannach. 

Kim Logan doesn’t consider himself a real mayor of Lannach, just a guy who lives there.

Kim Logan is the only person in this country who lives there.

There are no people in lannach because no one wants to live there because it’s not real, but at least one person does- Kim Logan. 

He loves living alone in Lannach and sometimes even gets lonely, so he receives lots of help from his imaginary friends. 

He also has imaginary enemies, but they don’t come up to every week which is every Sunday when he brings his friends over to discuss some things with him.

The mayor of Lannach doesn’t like “hilly” places.

Kim Logan doesn’t like hills, he’s afraid of heights and if someone takes him to the top of the hill, he may faint or become dizzy. He also has a fear of water, but only when his skin is wet. 

So it’s like if Kim Logan is swimming in water and gets out dripping wet he may faint because he thinks water is very cold which might make him freeze. 

He often gets cold sores on his body because he may touch something warm or even touch people who are warm or hot – lots of different things that could make him ill if they’re taken to extremes.

Kim Logan sometimes wants to live with his real parents.

Kim Logan feels very lonely because there are no other people in the world, not even imaginary friends like the Mayor of Lannach, but it’s hard for him to make his situation worse because many people would be able to help him if he decided to look outside the imaginary boundary. 

He doesn’t want to have a chip chip with his family, but at least he wants them to know that he is alright. 

He tells them about his imaginary life and they may think that it’s just a weird idea, but at least they’ll know that he is alright.

The real mayor of Lannach doesn’t have “friends” in the same way Kim Logan does.

Kim Logan has a lot of imaginary friends in Lannach who come over every year on Sunday to have a discussion about how things are going in Lannach. 

Most of them agree on some points and disagree on other points, but they all agree that there is no real mayor of lannach because there are no people in lannach.

There is not one mayor of Lannach, but two.

There are two mayors in Lannach called Kim Logan and Richard Friesland who used to live there until he moved away for good which made Kim Logan the only person living in Lannach for 365 days out of the year.Richard Friesland was the real mayor of lannach.

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